Sabatti Releases US Version of the Tactical EVO Bolt-Action Rifle

    We saw back in November 2019 that Sabatti released a new precision bolt action rifle called Tactical EVO. Now the Italian company is proposing the US version of the model with a few features dedicated to the American market. The Tactical EVO US is slightly shorter and lighter than the standard version, to better fit the more dynamic environment of American precision shooting competitions.

    Sabatti Tactical EVO US black.

    Sabatti Releases US Version of the Tactical EVO Bolt-Action Rifle – Tactical EVO US Black.

    First of all, let’s have again a quick look at the main features of the model.

    The Tactical EVO is built around a new, dedicated, action called “Blizzard”. It features a fluted, polished, bolt with three lug head, with 60° opening. The action is connected to the stock by means of “a recoil piece in the front which works as a support, and a steel cradle that holds the rear portion“. Sabatti claims that this solution reduces vibrations, therefore improving precision.

    Sabatti Tactical EVO bolt.

    Sabatti Releases US Version of the Tactical EVO Bolt-Action Rifle – Detail of the bolt.

    The stock itself with an adjustable cheekpiece is deemed to contribute to the overall precision of the system, as it offers more rigidity than in previous models. “Sabatti engineers […] designed and engineered a “shell” in a very special material that wrapped around the original stock and increased its rigidity“.

    Sabatti Tactical EVO buttstock.

    Sabatti Releases US Version of the Tactical EVO Bolt-Action Rifle – Buttstock and adjustable cheekpiece.

    The barrel features Sabatti’s proprietary Multi Radial Rifling, which according to the manufacturer improves bullet speed and accuracy as well as barrel life.

    Now, to the Tactical EVO US-specific features (imperial measurements added for clarity):

    While the Tactical EVO is offered all over the world, the Tactical EVO US is dedicated to the US market. As there is more shooter movement in American precision shooting competitions, the barrels feature a diameter of 22 mm (.87″) instead of 28 (1.10″) and an overall length of 66 cm (26″) instead of 71 (28″). They also come with sling swivels to facilitate faster movement.

    The stock on the Tactical EVO is also different than the stock on the Tactical EVO US. While the former is in heavier fiber glass, where weight is used to increase performance, the US version comes with a lighter polymer stock where the 440-g (.97 lbs) weight reduction improves portability.

    The .308 caliber always dominates sales, but the 6.5 Creedmoor is gaining ground. Special calibers are also available from Sabatti on request.

    The Tactical EVO comes with either a standard 3-round magazine or a 6-round one for more tactical applications. The Tactical EVO US comes with a 7-round magazine for .308 or similar calibers.

    The Tactical EVO reinforces why Sabatti is a dominant player in the hunting and precision competition markets and gives the brand the recognition it deserves in the dynamic shooting space.

    Overall weight is listed in the catalog between 11.46 and 12.12 lbs, likely dependent on caliber choice.

    Sabatti Tactical EVO US Chrome.

    Sabatti Releases US Version of the Tactical EVO Bolt-Action Rifle – Tactical EVO US Chrome.

    Sabatti Tactical EVO US Desert.

    Sabatti Releases US Version of the Tactical EVO Bolt-Action Rifle – Tactical EVO US Desert.

    As the TACTICAL EVO, the US version is available in black, chrome and desert finish. No words yet on delivery and pricing.

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