Cabot Guns Offers Pre-order Special on Dellatorre and Lanzo from Sandrin Knives

    Cabot Guns, our favorite purveyor of guns we can’t afford, started in 2016 a collaboration with Sandrin Knives of Italy. We saw here a taste of it, on a high-end custom knife matching the level of Cabot Guns 1911 creations. Now we get the chance to order more usable and affordable EDC models, at a special introductory price.

    Here below Cabot Guns Press Release offering the pre-order:

    Pre-Order Dellatore or Lanzo and Save 20%

    Back in 2016 we introduced America to Sandrin Knives, an important innovation to the blade world. With a mythical blade hardness of 71 HRC, It is now a proven fact that Sandrin’s flexible Tungsten Carbide blades retain their edge longer than any knife. We have now coined this remarkable edge retention as StaySharp Technology™. Many of you who were early adopters of this revolutionary new blade material are part of knife history.

    Sandrin knives TCK 2.0, Dellatorre and Lanzo.
    We are very proud of our collaboration with Sandrin Knives and their innovatively bold ideas and it thrills us to announce Sandrin’s two exciting new models, Dellatorre and Lanzo.

    Our friends at Sandrin call northern Italy their home. It is also the heart of this miserable pandemic that China has unleashed on our world. Undaunted by this pandemic crisis, Sandrin founder Alessandro Colombatto has doggedly pursued the final production of these two new exciting folders. In celebration of this accomplishment, the knives are named in tribute of the town (Dellatorre) and road (Lanzo) located in the foothills of the Dolomite mountains where Sandrin knives are crafted. Both knives are designed for stylish everyday carry with a traditional slipjoint mechanism and a reversible pocket clips for right or left hand pockets.

    The first shipment of 100 of each the Dellatorre and Lanzo models have left Italy and will shortly land here at Cabot, the exclusive distributor of Sandrin knives for America. International shipments through customs have some uncertainty these days but we expect to have these new beauties in our hands very soon.

    As a small thank you for being part of our story we are offering these knives with a promotional launch discount of 20%. Just enter code CABOTGUNS at checkout to receive the special pricing. This promotional pricing will end after the knives arrive so please consider taking advantage of this opportunity by placing your pre-order today.

    Sandrin knives Dellatorre.

    The Dellatorre (pronounced dell-a-tor-ray) offers a elegant style and an innovative drop-point blade design that redefines the classic pocket knife. Its name is derived from the Val della Torre, a town nestled in the scenic foothills of Italy’s Piedmont region—where Sandrin knives are born and crafted.

    Sandrin knives Lanzo.

    The Lanzo, with its wave-shaped blade, is purpose-built for efficient cutting and slicing and is named after the winding “strada” (road) that leads to the home of Sandrin.

    Both new models have the StaySharp Technology for a long life of effortless use, and we have even more great news! While a Sandrin knife will hold its edge many times longer than a steel knife, nothing lasts forever. So we have now developed a sharpening solution so down the road, if needed, you can easily have your knife sharpened. Read more about our Sandrin Service options here.

    I am happy to share with you that we are managing well so far in this age of Coronavirus. My best to you and your family during this historical time.


    Rob Bianchin, Founder

    Cabot Guns

    These knives leverage the technology of the mother company of Sandrin Knives, Turmond, which offers carbide tools for industrial applications. The blade material is called Polyhedral Tungsten Carbide (PTC) a blend of cobalt and tungsten carbide, said to be harder than steel, at 71 HRC, but more resilient than ceramic (usually zirconia). This surely offers the long-lasting sharpness touted by the trademark “Staysharp Technology”, although it would not be wise to use these blades for chopping duties. More info is available on the Sandrin Knives FAQ page.

    Dellatorre and Lanzo from Sandrin Knives – Specifications

    The specs of the knives, differing mostly on blade shape, are:

    • Overall Length: 7.08″
    • Blade Length: 2.99″
    • Cutting Edge: 18°/36° double side, double bevel
    • Blade Thickness: 0.035”
    • Blade Material: Polyhedral Tungsten Carbide
    • Blade Style: Drop Point
    • Blade Grind: lapping
    • Finish: mirror polished / DLC coating
    • Edge Type: hollow grind
    • Handle Length: 3.85”
    • Handle Thickness: 0.41”
    • Handle Material: stainless steel
    • Color: PVD black coating
    • Weight: 2.6oz
    • User: EDC Gentleman’s Folder
    • Pocket Clip: Removable – reversible
    • Pocket Clip Detail: Titanium PVD black coating
    • Knife Type: folding
    • Opener: two hands
    • Lock Type: slip joint
    • Brand: Sandrin Knives
    • Model: Dellatorre SK-1 – Lanzo SK-2
    • Country of Origin: Italy
    • Best Use: EDC – light duty
    • MSRP: $ 299.00 Dellatorre – $ 279.00 Lanzo

    We can see that these are stylish EDC slip-joint models with an extremely thin blade, surely suited for surgical cuts, such as on a fine steak. You wouldn’t be one of those who maim good meat with a serrated blade, right?

    For such a peculiar product, the two folders are reasonably priced, especially if purchased with the above pre-order offer.

    All photos from Sandrin Knives website.

    Giorgio O

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