News from Italy: Tanfoglio Limited Custom P

    It’s been a while since we covered anything from the Italian company Tanfoglio. Unfortunately, they are in the eye of the Italian Coronavirus outbreak, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing a new pistol. The new model is called Tanfoglio LIMITED CUSTOM P, with a focus on the IPSC Standard Division.

    The weight is listed as 1030 grams, just over one kilogram. I heard rumors about a Polymer Tanfoglio that was supposed to weigh in under 1000 grams to fit in the new IPSC Production Optics Light Division, but I think the consensus is that the division might get scrapped in the future due to the lack of interest from competitors. If there is a Handgun World Shoot in Thailand later this year we may know more about the fact.

    Tanfoglio LIMITED CUSTOM P

    Version with polymer frame of the note and beloved Limited Custom: a combination of precision, reliability, lightness and maneuverability, a new frontier for sport shooting! (IPSC Standard Division).

    This model belongs to the Tanfoglio line “SPORT & COMPETITION POLYMER”, with completes the Tanfoglio sport production series.


    Total Length: 225 mm
    Barrel Length: 121 mm
    Weight: 1030 gr
    Frame: Polymer
    Slide: Steel
    Barrel Rifling: Traditional
    Action: Single Action

    Magazine Capacity:
    Cal. 9×21 – 9×19 (Export) – 19 rounds
    Cal. 40 SW – 16 rounds
    Cal. 38 S.A. – 18 rounds
    Cal. 45 A.C.P. – 10 rounds
    10mm – 14 rounds

    Safeties: Automatic on Firing Pin and Manual on the Frame.

    The rear sight is adjustable and the front sight is interchangeable. The reason why the popular 9×19 mm is listed as export is because the caliber is restricted to Police and Military use only.

    I did not manage to find any information about prices or availability (the online catalog has not been updated since 2015).

    If you’re into the Open Division you can check the Tanfoglio Domina Extreme in TFB’s previous article: Tanfoglio Special Pistols at IPSC World Shoot 2017.

    You can find the homepage of Tanfoglio (Italy) here:

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