COVID-19 Strikes Again – TriggrCon 2020 Has Been Cancelled

    COVID-19 Strikes Again - TriggerCon 2020 Has Been Cancelled

    The annual TriggrCon firearms event held in Washington state has been canceled. Triggrcon is a 3-day event in Bellevue, Washington that showcases the newest, most innovative companies and products in the tactical firearms industry. Unfortunately, it has now been announced on the TriggrCon website that TriggrCon 2020 has been canceled.

    COVID-19 Strikes Again – TriggrCon 2020 Has Been Cancelled

    As many of the readers of TFB and viewers of TFBTV will know, both the blog and YouTube channel attend TriggrCon and cover the event every year. TriggrCon founder and CEO John Hwang released a statement on the TriggrCon website announcing the cancellation of TriggrCon 2020. The full statement is below.

    TFBTV Executive Producer James Reeves interviewing an exhibitor at TriggrCon 2019

    With Triggrcon quickly approaching, we have received several questions regarding the status of our show due to the COVID19 pandemic. We have closely monitored this situation considering all impacts this would have on our show from a safety and experience factor for our guests.

    It is with a heavy heart that we decided to cancel this year’s Triggrcon show, initially scheduled for July 29th through August 1st at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA. This decision also applies to all events and programs planned, including our Range Day, VIP Party, and Mediafest. Please know that we did not reach this decision lightly. We considered several factors to arrive at this decision, including the safety and well being of our guests and staff. We also felt strongly that the absence of particular key exhibitors and media partners to our show would impact the overall experience of our guests and exhibitors. And that we would fall short of our expectations and standard for our show.

    Please coordinate directly with any hotels, airlines, or others who have assisted with your travel arrangements. Most companies have announced plans to accommodate travelers dealing with event cancellations. We will also be refunding all tickets purchased for this year’s show and events.

    We look forward to hosting next year’s show, and thank you for your continued support. It is that same support that inspires and drives us to bring on the very best show possible for our industry partners and attendees, and we look forward to seeing you all next year.


    John Hwang

    CEO/Founder Triggrcon

    COVID-19 Strikes Again - TriggerCon 2020 Has Been Cancelled

    COVID-19 Strikes Again – TriggrCon 2020 Has Been Cancelled

    It is truly sad that TriggrCon 2020 will not be happening. Hopefully, as the panic surrounding COVID-19 dies down life will return to normal and our gun shows and conventions can make a strong comeback – hopefully with some new and innovative products!

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