POTD: Russian Airborne Forces Firing 9K111 Fagot Wire-Guided Anti-Tank Missiles

    Photo Of The Day – This time a 9K111 Fagot missile captured at the right moment, as it begins its journey towards the target.

    This picture was taken during a joint tactical and special exercise of the Russian Airborne Forces at the Raevsky training ground.

    Scouts of the Russian Airborne Forces and the Special Operations Forces of Belarus provided combat operations for the destruction of illegal armed groups during a joint tactical and special exercise at the Raevsky training ground near Novorossiysk

    Then, airborne reconnaissance agents took the probable ways of approaching the reserves of illegal armed groups, having set up ambushes there, and the fighters of the Special Operations Forces of Belarus, together with the parachute-landing company of the airborne forces, destroyed command enemy units in areas previously examined by drones.

    The exercise is attended by more than 300 military personnel of the Union states, as well as the calculations of the Orlan-10 UAV, the latest electronic warfare equipment and Russian airborne equipment.

    The picture below was taken from another exercise:

    The first exercise with the use of “Terminator” tank support combat vehicles (BMPT) in the troops will be held in the Chelyabinsk region in 2019.

    A batch of ten units of Terminator tank support combat vehicles will arrive in the Central Military District by the end of the year. New vehicles will undergo military tests on the basis of a tank division deployed in the Urals.


    Pictures: Russian Ministry of Defense.

    It seems the Russian Army has a combination of old stuff and the latest high-tech.