Featured Deals of the Quarantine – 4/24/20


    You guys know what time it is. It’s deals time. So let’s go, wallets out. There’s plenty of things to spend your money on this week.

    Ruger 10/22 synthetic stock – $199

    Image Provided by GunBuyer.com

    What the deal is:

    It’s a Ruger 10/22. I doubt anyone reading this is in any way unfamiliar with this venerable workhorse. This is probably the most popular plinking rifle in the US. The aftermarket for this is comparable to that of Glock pistols. If you don’t already own one, why are you waiting?

    Why it’s a good deal:

    The going price for a 10/22 right now seems to be around $220-250, before shipping of course. So while you might have to eat an FFL transfer fee, free shipping and just $200 for the rifle means that you’re still probably coming out on top.

    Israeli FN FAL Kit Light Barrel – $429.99

    Image Provided by… Palmetto State Armory? Seriously?

    What the deal is:

    So… I guess Palmetto is getting into the parts kits game? This is probably a sign of the end times. But, PSA now has Israeli FAL kits. No barrel, no receiver, no magazine, but well that’s a kit for you. Barrels can be had for around $125, and receivers it depends on whether you want to build your own or not.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    Similar kits, no barrel or receiver, can be found for somewhere in the price range of $550, so like always Palmetto is banking on undercutting the competition. Is this going to be as good as a DSA kit? We have to wait for reviews to start coming in for that, but if you desperately want to build your own FN FAL, well here’s a kit for you.

    Yugoslavian M57 7.62×25 Pistol – $199.99

    Image Provided by Classic Firearms

    What the deal is:

    Okay so anyone who’s read a handful of these deals posts knows I am a sucker for milsurps. So if you don’t like milsurps, well, sorry. But if you do, then this is a nifty piece of cold war history up for grabs. The M57 is a clone of the Soviet Tokarev TT-33, which itself has a lot of design… influence… from our Lord and Savior John Moses Browning’s designs. These are 9-round semi-automatic straight blowback handguns. The ammo, 7.62×25 is also surprisingly easy to find.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    Zastava M57s go for somewhere in the realm of $220-250 depending on a variety of factors, usually quality and how the seller is feeling that day. So to find them for $200 in good condition? That’s not a bad deal at all.

    Springfield XDS Mod 2 Stainless 45 ACP – $379.99

    Image Provided by Palmetto State Armory

    What the deal is:

    I know I know, two PSA deals in one post? I don’t even like the XDS. Or any of the XD lineup. But, I am led to believe this is actually a pretty good deal, so onto the deals post it goes. The Springfield XDS in 45ACP. For when you want a striker-fired pocket-sized 1911 in 45 ACP.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    Retail for one of these seems to hover somewhere around $450. So finding it for $380 means this is definitely a good deal. So, go to town, people who like Springfield XDs, this deal is for you.

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    Benjamin is a recent graduate living in Virginia with a master’s degree in Criminology. He was introduced to firearms at summer camp when he was thirteen. Ever since his first shot with a .22LR bolt-action he has been in love with shooting sports. He is a moderator on the TFB Discord, which can be found at https://discord.gg/bcVD9zw, and can occasionally be found on twitter @BFriedmanUSA.