AR-15 Drop-In Set Trigger by JARD Inc.

    Set triggers are really handy gadgets that allow having a standard and extremely light trigger pull in the same trigger mechanism. Normally, switching to the light pull mode requires pushing the trigger shoe forward or pulling the separate, second trigger first. The set trigger concept itself is nothing new and has been successfully used by hunters all around the world. However, these triggers are pretty much exclusively seen in classic hunting guns such as bolt action rifles. Well, now there is an option for ARs. JARD Inc has designed an AR-15 set trigger which they claim to be the first such trigger for AR-pattern rifles.

    NEW Drop-In AR-15 Set Trigger by JARD Inc (2)

    Here is how JARD Inc. describe this new AR trigger:

    The JARD AR Set Trigger System (patent pending) brings bolt action accuracy to the AR platform. It’s unlike any other AR trigger on the market, featuring set functionality otherwise only found in select bolt action triggers. The set function allows the user to push the blade of the trigger forward for a trigger pull weight of just 13 oz., allowing for little to no impediment of shot accuracy produced from trigger pull. This trigger capability significantly enhances the user’s ability for accurate fire when precision shooting.

    JARD AR-15 set trigger comes assembled in a milled aluminum housing and it is a drop-in product. The regular trigger pull weight is 4 lbs. The rear of the trigger shoe has a scalloped surface to make pushing it forward more convenient. In case if you have pushed the trigger to the set mode but for whatever reason didn’t fire the gun and need to return the trigger to the regular mode, all you need to do is put the gun on safe and slightly pull the trigger until it clicks into the regular position. The operation instructions and the installation procedure are described in the user manual as well as in the video below.

    The MSRP of JARD AR Set Trigger System is $220. 

    If this trigger is reliable enough, I don’t see any disadvantages to having a set trigger in an AR-15. Nowadays, a lot of AR builds have the capability of being both a close/mid-range fighting rifle and a precision shooting tool thanks to the modern high-quality parts and solutions like match grade barrels with fast twist rates and free-floated handguards, as well as thanks to the wide variety of ammunition available. With a trigger like this, you can run the gun as a standard rifle yet be able to convert the trigger to that 13 oz hair pull and increase the chances of a precise long-range engagement.

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