The Underwraps 2.0: Galco’s New Ultra Concealable Carry Rig

    The Underwraps 2.0: Galco's New Ultra Concealable Carry Rig

    As a big fan of the Belly Band form of concealed carry, I’m always on the lookout for new additions to the lineup of available belly bands. Galco Gunleather has just released their newest addition to both their line up and the belly band category: The Underwraps 2.0. This new belly band holster is an update to their previously released Underwraps version and sports multiple new features.

    The Underwraps 2.0: Galco's New Ultra Concealable Carry Rig

    The Underwraps 2.0: Galco’s New Ultra Concealable Carry Rig

    Belly band holsters are much different than traditional holsters and allow for extremely deep concealment in virtually any clothing regardless of the season. TFBTV Executive Producer and fellow TFB contributor James Reeves shares my affinity for the belly band method of carrying.

    The Underwraps 2.0: Galco’s New Ultra Concealable Carry Rig

    The new deep concealment Galco Gunleather Underwraps 2.0 belly band can now accommodate two firearms and a myriad of other ECD items. The holster pockets allow for both left and right-hand draw or cross draw and even appendix position.

    This excerpt from Galco’s press release details all the features of the Underwraps 2.0:

    The Underwraps 2.0 is an update of Galco’s belly band holster that allows concealed carry of multiple weapons and accessories around your torso, in a nearly infinite variety of configurations. Dual holster pockets provide both butt-forward and barrel-forward cants. This allows you to carry in right and left hand draw, strongside, crossdraw or in the appendix position.

    The pair of leather holster pockets facilitate stable positioning of one or two firearms simultaneously, while two accessory pockets accommodate spare ammo, flashlight, knife, badge, handcuffs, or many other EDC items. Our latest improvements to the holster pockets allow them to fit an even greater variety of popular carry guns, including those with larger tactical rails on the frame.

    The UnderWraps can be worn like a traditional belly band (low on your waistline, partially under your beltline or just above it), or it can be worn at your torso’s mid-section (around the solar plexus area). No traditional belt is required, so it can be worn with virtually any type of clothing,including gym clothes or the beltless slacks common in women’s clothing. Sturdy hook-and-loop closure ensures that the band stays closed and in position, while the 4” wide elasticized construction gives you comfortable all-day concealed carry.

    The Underwraps 2.0: Galco's New Ultra Concealable Carry Rig

    The Underwraps 2.0 will be available in 4 sizes and two colors. The different sizes should be able to accommodate virtually anyone who carries daily and both the black and khaki colors should satisfy the tastes of Galco’s customers. Regardless of size or color each Underwraps 2.0 Belly Band Holster will retail at an MSRP of $62.

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