POTD: Hille James Combat Photographer – Sniper in Bagdad

    TFB is very happy to have the permission to share photos of the talented Hille Hillinga, Hille James Combat Photographer.

    Already in 2005 Hille started as an infantry soldier at the 11th Air Manoeuvre Brigade, 11th infantry battalion. Now he is a Dutch Combat Photographer, working for the Media Center Defence (MCD) and very often embedded with special units of various kinds.

    Quite often you can see him with the Korps Commandotroepen (KCT), which is a Special Forces unit in the Royal Netherlands Army.

    In the picture, you can see one of their snipers with a Heckler & Koch HK417, which is their Designated Marksman Rifle. The uniform looks like Crye Precision.

    In a position like this, you have to account for the line-of-sight versus where your barrel is, or you may hit the barricade.

    Here is the Netherlands Army’s description of a Sniper:


    The Sniper is specialised in the covert approach of targets in order to
    gather information or to eliminate them. Using special optical equipment
    and weapons, he can eliminate targets at distances up to 1.8 kilometres.

    He is specially trained and instructed in the many aspects involved in
    these assignments, such as shooting, camouflage, stalking, range finding,
    observation and memory training.

    The Sniper is expected to work alone or in a pair.


    Using the Barrett M82 sniper rifle they have a maximum reach of 1,800 meters, depending on conditions of course.

    The Netherlands are actually looking for a new Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), in .260 Remington.