Silencer Central is Now Licensed in All Suppressor Friendly States

    Silencer Central is Now Licensed in All Suppressor Friendly States

    Sioux Falls, SD-based Silencer dealer Silencer Central has just been given the green light by the ATF to sell suppressors in all 42 silencer friendly states. What makes Silencer Central special amongst other silencer dealers is that they sell their silencers direct to their customers.

    The 42 States where it is currently legal to buy and own a suppressor.

    Silencer Central is Now Licensed in All Suppressor Friendly States

    Silencer Central uses a unique business model where there is no physical shop to go to. Instead, customers shop, fill out forms and digitally sign for their suppressors without having to go to a traditional gun shop. Better yet, through captive business entities that operate in all 42 legal states Silencer Central customers will get their suppressors delivered directly to their door. This is possible through a combination of digital/online business models and DocuSign technology.

    Silencer Central is Now Licensed in All Suppressor Friendly States

    Here is a quote from Silencer Central Founder, Brandon Maddox on the matter:

    We very much appreciate ATF’s forward thinking and working with us to create the new guidelines that allow the application of today’s digital technology for the sale of silencers. This only serves to make the entire process far simpler for the consumer while maintaining the integrity of the system.

    Although there is no store-front the company regularly attends consumer shows across the country where potential customers can look at products in person and buy the suppressor right then and there. Normally, when done in a traditional brick and mortar store the product is purchased and then held at that store until the suppressor paperwork (ATF Form 4) is approved, at which point the customer can return to pick up their suppressor.

    With Silencer Central, the entire process can be done online or at a trade show and there is no need to return to the store as the suppressor will end up at the customer will receive their new silencer right at their door.

    Silencer Central is Now Licensed in All Suppressor Friendly States

    With silencer use growing at a rate of 20% annually, Silencer Central, and by extension the ATF will probably have its hands full. For many, the process of buying a suppressor can be intimidating as there are forms to fill out and fingerprints to get done, etc. At Silencer Central – the paperwork is essentially done for you!

    The company’s customer service staff is always on hand to help new customers through the entire process making it less of a hassle. The electronic process even helps Trust owners as Silencer Central keeps private digital records of each purchase so that future purchases or trust changes go much more smoothly.

    For more information, please visit or contact customer service at 888-781-8778. Check out this video below to find out more about Silencer Central.

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