POTD: Shooting from Strange Positions

    Photo Of The Day – We take a look at shooting from difficult, awkward and strange positions. The pictures are from a local competition in Sweden, at Spillepengen.

    Picture above: A wheelbarrow turned upside down isn’t the best of supports, but you use what you’ve got to get the job done. Interesting combination of colors on the rifle.

    An old Land Rover is never old. Here’s a great way of using it. The distance to the targets is probably around 250-300 yards. Note the bag used to support the rifle, not the bipod.

    Below: Hostage targets can be used to increase the difficulty. By the looks of it, this hostage was a bit unlucky and the shooter may not get his promotion. This target is made by Spalla Target Systems.

    Have you ever used bags to increase your performance? When  I started using them I was surprised how much they help. If you want to shoot PRS style competitions and don’t have any bags, don’t worry. People are friendly and as long as you’re friendly as well, just ask if you can borrow and try and then buy your own as the hobby increases. Warning: You might end up with a lot of bags.

    Pictures by Håkan Spuhr, used with permission.

    What’s the most difficult position you ever shot a rifle from?