Henry Exhibition Edition Rifles Up For Auction

    First-Ever Henry "Exhibition Edition" Golden Boy Silver .22 LR (Henry)

    The Henry Repeating Arms Company and High Caliber Gifts recently jointly announced the first-ever “Exhibition Edition” of the Henry Big Boy Silver, Golden Boy Silver and .45-70 rifles. The auction of these special edition exhibition grade rifles began exclusively on GunBroker on 15 March, with 120 up for sale.

    Many of the rifles have already sold with the auctions moving quickly and all of the Big Boy Silver Edition rifles, chambered in .44 Magnum, have sold. All of the rifles have engraved receivers and gorgeous ‘exhibition grade’ walnut stocks. Henry explains that “Exhibition Grade Walnut is taken from large mature black walnut trees that can be over 100 years old… only about one out every 1,000 gunstock blanks we hand select qualifies as Exhibition grade. That’s why the exhibition grade is so rare and expensive.”

    At the time of writing, there are six rifles available, five Exhibition Edition .45-70 and the last of fifty Golden Boy Silver Edition rifles.

    Big Boy Silver Edition

    First-Ever Henry “Exhibition Edition” Golden Boy Silver .22 LR (Henry)

    Like the Big Boy, the Golden Boy Silver will be limited to one per state. The rifles feature exhibition-quality black walnut stock, 24-carat gold engraving and inscriptions highlighting the Exhibition Edition status of the rifle and its “One-per-State” collectability.

    The right side of the receiver features a 24-carat gold inscription, “Henry Repeating Arms Company—Exhibition Edition”, highlighted by impressive gold scroll and oval design. The forward section of the receiver features a 24-carat gold inscription proclaiming, “‘Name of State’ 2019”.

    The left side features the iconic “Henry-Made in America or Not Made at All” logo in 24-carat gold and gold banner proclaiming “One of One”.

    First-Ever Henry “Exhibition Edition” Golden Boy Silver .22 LR (Henry)

    Exhibition Edition .45-70

    First-Ever Henry “Exhibition Edition” 45-70 Exhibition Wood

    First-Ever Henry “Exhibition Edition” 45-70 Exhibition Wood

    Due to limited availability of exhibition grade stocks for the 45-70, only 20 of the 45-70 edition were produced. These rifles are based on the popular High Caliber Gifts 45-70 Bison Tribute rifle. More than 300 of the Bison Tribute have been sold, but, in addition to the exhibition quality stocks, these 20 rifles feature highly collectible serial numbers including 0000BISON1091, 777BISON1091 and 1000BISON1091.

    Further adding to their beauty and collectability, the receiver engraving on these rifles has been enhanced by one hour of hand engraving per rifle.

    Engraving on the right side of the receiver is based on an original charcoal drawing, “On the Brink” created by well-known South Dakota artist Ray Kelly. It portrays a Bison bull and cow looking over an expanse of prairie that once included thousands of grazing bison.

    Engraving on receiver’s left side is based on a Wild Wings exclusive Rosemary Millett oil painting entitled “Dusty Plains Bison”. Millet created the painting after watching two bison bulls walk across a South Dakota plain and being amazed at how much dust two ambling bison could generate.

    First-Ever Henry “Exhibition Edition” 45-70 Exhibition Wood

    The last of these special edition rifles are available now over on GunBroker (and no they aren’t eligible for HGFC). Henry and High Calibre Gifts say they may have another run of exhibition grade rifles in the future “if exhibition quality stocks are available.”

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