Underground Arms Watch – April

    Welcome to another installment of Underground Arms Watch series where we take a look at criminally made and modified firearms seized throughout the world.

    On Thursday Toronto Police posted what appears to be a Glock pistol assembled with a 3D printed receiver. The two mounting bolts visible at the rear are the most obvious giveaway which serve to hold the rear rail inserts in popular printable receiver designs.

    From a more detailed analysis posted on the ARES blog:

    “The frame used in this particular PKC build appears to be a ‘BTB G26’ model. This is a 3D-printable frame that accepts a Glock 26 slide and barrel, but uses a Glock 19 locking block and incorporates craft-produced internal rails modelled after those of the Glock 19. The two screws visible at the top-left of the image hold in place the rails (most likely crafted from aluminium) which guide the slide as it reciprocates. The slide and other visible components, such as the trigger, are not factory-original Glock components either. Instead, these are produced by aftermarket parts manufacturers, often at a lower price than genuine Glock components. Some of these components are specifically marketed for use with 80% lowers, used in PKC builds that do not involve 3D printing”

    Late last month Western Australia National Anti-Gangs Squad seized among other contraband items the derringer below. Originally made as a non-functioning replica by the Spanish company Denix, it has been modified by adding a firing pin and a metal sleeve into the barrel (in this case only the top barrel) into which a .22 round will fit.

    WA Police


    Below is a box tube MAC-11 type copy seized in Porto Belo, Brazil last Sunday, This example was apparently in the process of being sold for 5000 Brazilian Real (Around $1000 US).

    Policia Militar Santa Catarina

    Another seizure from Santa Catarina, which includes a homemade submachine gun, a CAA Roni type, possibly airsoft Glock carbine chassis, and a BUL G.Cherokee 9mm pistol. The Glock pistol at the top right also appears to have a full-auto switch installed, a trend also becoming more common in seizures outside the United States.

    Policia Militar Santa Catarina


    From China, below is a firearm made from a common concrete fastening nail gun. This is a common method of making a firearm in mainland China and show up seized regularly, especially in relation to poaching activities. The example below was made by a man in Zhejiang Province who was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison. However, his sentence was apparently commuted to six months after he saved a local woman and child from drowning. The conversion involves disabling the safety mechanism and attaching a length of steel tube to serve as a barrel.


    Below are typical poaching firearms seized in China last year which includes airguns and muzzle-loaders, though mostly present are adaptions of nailguns.