NEW Seekins Precision SP15 Line of Firearms

    NEW Seekins Precision SP15 Rifle Line

    Seekins Precision has announced a new family of AR-15 pattern firearms called SP15. This is a more budget-friendly line of Seekins guns which currently consists of a rifle (SP15), pistol (SP15 P), and another rifle more suitable for long range shooting (SP15 DMR).

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    Seekins Precision SP15

    Here is how the company describes this new family of ARs in their press release:

    Seekins Precision is proud to introduce our new line of SP15 rifles. This line was specifically designed for the rough wear and tear lifestyle of our law enforcement customers, making them the perfect entry level platform. This line features Seekins’ billet SP15 Upper and Lower Receiver set, Chromoly Barrel, Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block, Ambi Safety Selector, Enhanced Bolt Catch, and the newly designed rugged and durable SP15 Handguard. With 3 versatile configurations to choose from, covered under Seekins’ “No Questions Asked Repair or Replace Policy” and “Shooter Satisfaction Guarantee.” Seekins has the solution for outfitting yourself, your family, or your department.

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    Seekins Precision SP15 P

    Both SP15 and SP15 DMR utilize 16″ barrels with mid-length gas systems and 15″ handguards. The difference between these two models is the stock – the SP15 comes with a Magpul MOE stock whereas the DMR is equipped with a Seekins Precision Pro Comp 10X stock. The pistol, SP15 P, has a 10.5″ barrel and 9″ handguard. All the firearms in Seekins Precision SP15 line feature .223 Wylde chambers that allow to safely and accurately shoot both .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. The barrels have a 1:7″ twist rate and come with NEST flash hiders installed. The overall weights of the pistol, rifle and DMR are 6 lbs, 7 lbs and 7.5 lbs respectively. The MSRP is identical for all three guns – $925.

    NEW Seekins Precision SP15 Rifle Line (SP15 DMR) (1)

    Seekins Precision SP15 DMR

    Lastly, here is a video published by Seekins Precision showing these rifles and telling about their features.

    Images by Seekins Precision (

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