Announced: Tender for the Next G26 German Sniper Riflescope

    Concamo G26

    Picture by Concamo.

    Recently TFB reported about the G26 7.62×51 mm “Short Range Sniper Rifle” that the German Army is looking for.

    Now the tender for the optics is out, so we can study the specifications of what they want. In short, they are looking for a high-end riflescope with a minimum of 5 to a minimum of 16 power magnification. The reticle should be TReMoR 3 (see picture and video at the bottom). There should be a possibility to attach an “emergency sight” (read Red Dot) 45 degrees on the side.

    To be able to carry out a benchmark, the supplier must supply 5 riflescopes with accessories by week 31 2020. They have to be in the specified color which is Cerakote Sniper Gray H-234. Like I mentioned in the previous article, grey and brown grey are now the colors in fashion for the armies in Europe.


    Can you spot the sniper? (Photo: Concamo). Hint: Top middle.

    The purchase of the riflescopes with accessories will take place through a short procurement contract. The total contract is for 145 riflescopes and potential suppliers have to respond before 4.5.2020. A supplier must have a total annual turnover of at least EUR 1 million for the last 3 financial years and ensure that they can supply spare parts for the next 20 years.

    The Overall Length Sets the barrier

    Based on the maximum overall length specified the buyer will not accept a scope like the Schmidt & Bender 5-25 PMII (reviewed here) or the STEINER Military 5-25 for instance. They would be 10 cm, almost 4″, too long!

    To compare, the G28 is a Heckler & Koch 417 with a Schmidt & Bender 3-20×50 DMR scope with a single turn turret and DMR reticle.

    There are only a few riflescopes that could comply with the request of the overall length.

    One is the Schmidt & Bender 5-20×50 PM II Ultra Short. Another one is the EOTech Vudu 5-25X50 FFP at 28 cm or 11.2″ it is extremely compact, but one requirement is for the sight to be watertight down to 24 meters which I suspect it won’t survive.

    S&B makes riflescopes that can survive 25 meters submerged on special order. The elevation adjustment has to be a minimum of 260 clicks, which would be a special order as well. 

    The overall length of the S&B 5-20 PMII is 299,00 mm or 11,77″. (L)

    Don’t let the compact size fool you.

    These type of compact riflescopes will transform any accurate AR platform from a “good rifle” to very accurate, just based on the fact that you can see the target much better, and place the reticle where you want it. The overall accuracy is already built in the weapon, but now you can use it.

    G26 Rifle scopeI use the Schmidt & Bender 5-20×50 PM II Ultra Short on my JP Rifles CTR-02 in .223 Rem. With good match ammunition, it’s not a problem to shoot 4-5 cm groups (5 shots) at 300 meters, and I use it for PRS competitions where there are 10 cm round steel targets engaged from awkward positions. This is thanks to the optic, I wouldn’t be able to do that with a normal 1-6 or 1-8 Power scope.

    Note the JP Rifles with S&B 5-20×56 PMII Ultra Short in the middle, and the unique Spuhr mount which has a smaller ring at the back to accommodate the illumination of the sight. Note how compact the Ultra Short is.

    In terms of scope mounts Spuhr is one of the few that has a one-piece mount that will fit the illuminated version of the S&B 5-20 Ultra Short. Because of the compact size, there is very little space left for a mount to grab the scope, and I think there has to be a special mount made to get the 38 mm optical axis height.

    Below you can see the summary (auto-translated and edited). For instance, traditional 3-12 power scopes are not welcome. You need a minimum of 16 power to participate.

    G26 Riflescoppe – Summary of the design features requested:

    1. Rifle scope, straight,
    2. Weight less than 1000 g, (35,2 Ounce)
    3. Overall length less than 310 mm, (12,2″)
    4. Magnification: Minimum 5 power to minimum 16 power.
    5. Installation: STANAG 4694 rail of the weapon,
    6. Inclination of the assembly to the tube core axis 20 MOA,
    7. Distance between optical axis and mounting rail of the weapon: 38 mm
    8. Weight of the assembly less than 400 g,
    9. Waterproof down to 24 m.
    10. Reticle: TReMoR 3
    11. Light Transmittance min. 92%,
    12. Vertical and horizontal adjustment with 0.1 milrad per “click”; positive clockwise turn
    13. Horizontal (side adjustment) min. 60 click,
    14. Vertical (height adjustment) min. 260 click,
    15. Attachment for “emergency sight” (45 Degrees) by means of an adapter to the scope or weapon,
    16. Climate categories A 1-3, B 1-3, C 1-2 * and M 1-3 acc. STANAG 4370,
    17. Service life minimum: 6000 shots,
    18. Coloring: surface coating gray, comparable to Cerakote Sniper Gray H-234.
    Further Equipment:
    1. Laser protection filter,
    2. Sun visor,
    3. Honeycomb / back light filter,
    4. Night fighting, optical emergency visor 45 degrees
    5. Tilting bubble,
    6. Extensible protective cover for lens and eyepiece (bikini cover),
    7. Rigid protective covers for the lens and eyepiece, spring-loaded (flip cover),
    8. Protective cover (outside multitarn / inside white / snow camo),
    9. Cleaning device
    10. Operating instructions / care instructions / cataloging data.

    Spuhr G26

    S&B 5-20×50 PMII in a Spuhr mount for bolt-action rifles.

    Below: Technical Data Sheet and explanation of the TReMoR 3 reticle.

    TReMoR 3 reticle

    According to Horus Vision, the reticle offers:

    Speed Shooting range: from 0 to 600 meters.
    Horus Grid range: from 0 to extreme long range.
    Excellent milling capability with 0.1 mil resolution milling chevrons, allowing extremely fine mil estimation.
    Reticle hold points subtending to 0.2 mil.
    Central targeting grid calibrated in USMC mils (6283 mils/circle) (1 mil = 3.60 inches at 100 yards) (10cm at 100 meters).
    Precise calibration of measurements to within less than 0.5%.
    Ability to perfectly calibrate wind dots to ballistics of your choice.

    Below is a YouTube video which explains how to use it.

    Learn how to use Horus Vision’s TREMOR3 reticle. Get expert instruction on using the reticle’s refined mil guides and wind dots. Featuring Todd Hodnett, the TREMOR3’s creator.


    You can find more videos for Horus here:

    In my opinion, TReMoR 3 is quite a complicated reticle, but then I don’t work as a sniper as my everyday profession.

    What do you think of the TReMoR reticle? Which riflescope do you think will win?

    Sources: TED Supplies – 151821-2020, ES&T.

    Top picture: Concamo

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