Spotted: Upgraded German G28 Designated Marksman Rifle with Thermal Imaging

    Germany G28 2020 Thermal Vision

    The German Bundeswehr (Army) has been training in the northern parts of Norway, near the Arctic Circle.

    At sub-zero temperatures, the soldiers, their skills, clothing and equipment were tested to the full extent, until the exercise ColdResponse 2020 had to be canceled due to the Coronavirus.

    In one of the videos posted (see below) from the exercise we were able to spot an upgraded version of the G28, which is the Designated Marksman Rifle for the German Army.

    The original G28 looks like the picture below.

    The G28 in the video from the Polar Circle looks like below. Note the empty 7,62×51 mm NATO just being ejected from the chamber.

    As you can see it uses the Heckler & Koch SlimLine handguard, which is also used on the G95K (HK416 A7, more pictures here) and the G27 (HK417 more pictures here).

    There is also a Clip-On Night Vision Device (CNVD-T3) T3 from L3Harris. The main riflescope is a Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-20×50 with a DMR reticle, and it has an Aimpoint Micro (probably a T2) on top.

    As you can see, the Aimpoint is a little obscured by the Night Vision, but if you use both eyes open you can probably still use it both for a rough aim in the terrain or as an emergency sight at close distances.

    Below: The CNVD-T3: Clip-On Night Vision Thermal Device. This thermal imaging device can see through fog, rain, light snow, and even darkness. It has an identification range of 2,465 meters. The CNVD-T3 is ruggedized for battlefield conditions and optimized for use with 8-12x power optics. It can be used on weapon platforms up to .50 caliber.


    Below: The original German G28 DMR.


    The upgraded G28 can be spotted in the video below. Check at around 02:35 for the sniper action, including .50 BMGs.

    Below you can find Heckler & Koch’s description of the G28 (original model):

    The G28 is a military version of the civilian semi automatic competition rifle MR308. Deployed in the established 7.62 x 51 calibre, the “Designated Marksman Rifle” (DMR) ensures accuracy of 1.5 MOA whilst enabling a full night fighting capability.  Providing a maximum effective range and a high first round hit probability up to 600 meters, the HK241 will also allow suppressive fire against man size targets accurately up to 800 meters.

    With its green brown tone, the G28 offers a camouflage colour scheme that is being accepted around the world. An additional conversion kit supports user and mission specific requirements where the G28 can be configured to a Patrol version and be used as a Assault rifle.


    • Warranted accuracy of 1.5 MOA with 10 rounds accuracy ammunition
    • Safety/cocking in all hammer positions for maximum user safety
    • Firing pin/drop safety (no primer marking/firing out of battery)
    • Stands barrel obstruction test according to NATO-AC225/D14 with NATO Ammunition AB22 (FMJ)
    • Telescopic stock with adjustable cheek rest that remains in position independent from horizontal stock position
    • Toolless gas regulator for suppressor use
    • New Stanag 4694 NATO accessory rails and mounts (backward compatibility with MIL-STD-1913 rail)
    • Weapon function based on NATO standard ammunition
    • Approx. 120 parts (75%) interchangeable with HK417
    • Patrol variant available (weight save approx. 1.6 kg)
    • Full night fighting capability (starlight and thermal imager)
    • “Over the Beach (OTB)” capability

    For more information check out this article: Cold Response 2020.

    Thanks to Kommando Spezialkräfte.

    For a similar setup, but with a Hensoldt NSV Night Sight, you can have a look at this G28 (HK241)

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