POTD: Norwegian Army CBRN Specialist with HK416

    Photo Of The Day, the top photos from around the World, and today we look at a Norwegian Army CBRN specialist on an exercise in Troms county.

    The Norwegian Armed Forces use the Heckler & Koch. They use versions like the HK416N, HK416K as well as the HK416S which is a specialized DMR version of HK416N, modified in Norway. You can also see the Aimpoint – CompM4. There are about 40,000 Heckler & Koch 416s in Norway, but they have ordered more. We told you about it over a year ago in “Heckler & Koch supplies more HK416 Assault Rifles to the Norwegian Armed Forces” article.

    These photos are very British SAS-like, if you remember the Iranian Embassy siege from 1980?

    The HK416 above has a flashlight and a simulator system mounted. The brown uniform seems to have laser receptors on it for the simulator.

    All photos by Ole-Sverre Haugli. Norwegian Defense.

    Have you ever tried shooting with a gas mask? How did it go?