COVID Precision Rifle Match By Warhorse Development

    Has cabin fever set in yet? Trigger fingers getting itchy? Can you safely get to a range to do some shooting? Well if the answer is yes to the above, especially the last one, you should try competing in the COVID Precision Rifle Match! The best part is you can do it safely and practice proper social distancing.

    COVID Precision Rifle Match

    Warhorse Development posted a challenge on Instagram a couple days ago.


    The COVID Precision Rifle Match is not that difficult and can easily be done at a range or anywhere else you can safely and legally shoot a rifle. You can shoot the match with a .22LR rimfire or a centerfire rifle.  The only difference is the engagement distance: 100 yard 2MOA target for rimfire and 300 yard 2MOA target for centerfire. So a 2″ target for rimfire and a 6″ target for centerfire.

    The challenge is the stage designs which are common in PRS matches. Here is what you need:

    • 5 gallon bucket
    • 4ft ladder
    • chair with back
    • tripod


    Here is the match description from Warhorse Development.

    Practicing safe social distancing and following all local, state and federal guidelines, we invite you to participate in our Social Distancing Fun Match.

    To participate, you will need a 5 gallon bucket, a ladder (a 4 ft), a chair, a tri-pod, 39 rounds,as well as the ability to shoot 300 yards on a 2 MOA target or for the 22 shooters,100 yards and a 2 MOA target.

    You will need to have a RO/Video Person (stay 6 ft back!) to record and time your stage completion. When the stage is completed you will submit your video to facebook or instagram with the following tag #covidprecisionriflematch as well as tag all the sponsors (see below).

    You will have from March 28-April 11th to complete the stages and post your videos.

    Stage 1 Setup: The Bucket -6 Rounds -Time 50 Seconds -300 Yards 2 MOA. Starting magazine in and bolt back, on command go, engage target with 2 rounds from the top of the bucket. Move to prone, engage with 2 rounds. Move to top of bucket and engage with 2 rounds.

    Stage 2 Setup: The Ladder -9 Rounds -Time 60 Seconds -300 Yards 2 MOAStarting magazine in bolt back, on command go, engage the target from the top rung 3 times, move down a rung and engage 3 times, move down and engage 3 times.

    Stage 3 Setup: The Chair -8 Rounds -Time 60 Seconds -300 Yards 2 MOA With the chair facing sideways and to the right, starting magazine in and bolt back, on command go, go prone to the left of the chair, engage target with 2 rounds. Go to the top of the chair, engage with 2 rounds. Go to the seat of the chair, engage 2 rounds. Go to the top of the chair, engage 2 rounds.

    Stage 4 Setup: The Tripod -6 Rounds -Time 60 Seconds -300 Yards 2 MOA Starting with the tripod legs extended but collapsed and all equipment in hands, starting magazine in and bolt back, on command go, engage the target 3 rounds kneeling off the top of the tripod. Move to standing, engage 3 rounds off the top of the tripod.

    Stage 5 Setup: The Works -8 Rounds -Time 60 Seconds -300 Yards 2 MOA, Starting from left to right, bucket, ladder, chair, tripod, each 4 ft apart. Start magazine in and bolt back, on command go, engage the top of the bucket 2 rounds, top of the ladder 2 rounds, seat of the chair 2 rounds, tripod standing 2 rounds.

    A number of sponsors have donated products for this fun match.All prizes will be awarded by random draw at the completion of the match. REMEMBER TO TAG (EVERY VIDEO) AND FOLLOW ALL THE SPONSORS (ON INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK) OR YOU WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR THE DRAWINGS! SPONSORS MAY BE ADDED SO CHECK BACK ONCE IN AWHILE. The drawing will be held by Instagram Live Video on April 12th at 2 pm MST.SPONSORS:@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Precision Rifleworks

    This is not a sanctioned match by Warhorse Development LLC or any of the sponsors.We are not condoning breaking any laws or restrictions to participate in this activity.And as much as it pains us, we are restricting the prizes to stateside participants

    Below are example videos from Warhorse Development.

    Bucket Stage

    Ladder Stage

    Chair Stage

    Tripod Stage

    The Works Stage


    My friends and I are going to try and participate but I threw in the challenge of doing this at night with clip-on night vision devices on our guns. I hope we can make it happen. It will be a challenge and a great deal of fun. Check out @warhorsedevelopment for updates on their fun COVID Precision Rifle Match.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
    Night Vision & Thermal Aficionado
    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
    USPSA competitor

    Any questions please email him at [email protected]