SIG Sauer RXP XCompact vs XCompact – What’s The Difference?

    Over the last 10 months or so, I have carried the XCompact from SIG Sauer and it has become one of the top carry guns I own. The P320 series is one of the more modular pistol designs on the market today with the ability to change out most components to create a truly unique handgun. The original XCompact from SIG was a very reliable concealed carry handgun that gave the user options on mounting optics and small lights. Over the last 10 months, I’ve put about 3,200 rounds through the standard XCompact without issues, but now with the RXP XCompact being released, we can check out the difference between the two guns. Let’s dive into comparing the standard XCompact to the new RXP XCompact.

    What Exactly Is The RXP XCompact?

    The RXP XCompact is the newest variation of the regular XCompact with a few subtle changes to improve on the first variation. The most obvious differences are the fact the RXP comes with a SIG Romeo1 PRO, along with their new XRAY3 suppressor height night sights. The Romeo1 PRO that ships with the RXP is a 6 MOA red dot along with an optics plate in case you ever decide to take the optic off to shoot with just iron sights.

    With MSRP at $999.99 and street price hovering around $899, the RXP is an affordable way to get a carry gun and optic for a fairly affordable price straight from the factory. From the last few releases from SIG, it looks like they are really trying to give the consumers a variety of options for handguns with optics on them standard from the factory. SIG has come out with the standard P320 with optics packages as well as the X Series.

    Differences In The RXP XCompact and Regular XCompact

    The standard XCompact was a  great option for concealed carry while offering a standard 15 round capacity. Out of everything, the XCompact is still one of my favorite guns to leave the house with but it was no means perfect. The biggest issue for me was the rear sight on the optics plate. This was always the case whether we look at my full-size X-Five or the smaller XCompact, which wasn’t a deal-breaker but added an extra step when taking off the red dot to shoot with only iron sights. The new RXP XCompact fixes this issue by putting the rear sight back onto the slide rather than on the optics plate.

    The standard XCompact with its loaded chamber indicator and optics plate with iron sights attached.

    The next big change between the two guns is the addition of the suppressor height XRAY3 night sights. With the standard XCompact, the XRAY sights are standard height even though it has an optics cut on the slide. The RXP XCompact will automatically come with the higher suppressor night sights to co-witness with the red dot. Some people may not like this change but personally, I think its easier to pick up the dot when everything is in the same position as a reference point

    The last big change was SIG deleting the loaded chamber indicator from the RXP XCompact. If I had to guess, it was deleted as a way to simplify everything on the slide and give the Romeo1 PRO. The loaded chamber indicator can be removed from the standard XCompact if the user took the optics plate off and pulled the loaded chamber indicator out of the slide. Having a loaded chamber indicator was never a positive feature for me personally, but I know some people like it so taking it off didn’t bother me a ton personally.

    Overall Thoughts

    In the end, I think adding the new sights and Romeo1 PRO for roughly $200 is an absolute steal. In my eyes, I think the RXP XCompact offers a lot more versatility and improves the overall design of the standard XCompact design. I will have a full review of the RXP XCompact out in a week or two, so stay tuned for that in the near future. Let me know what you think of the new RXP XCompact in the comments below. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on Instagram @fridgeoperator and stay tuned for daily articles on The Firearm Blog. Stay safe out there!

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