POTD: USNS Comfort Arrives in New York

    Coast Guard escorts USNS Comfort into New York Harbor

    Coast Guard escorts USNS Comfort into New York Harbor

    Photo Of The Day, and we look at the USNS Comfort as she arrived in New York City.

    She is there to support USA’s COVID-19 response efforts and will serve as a referral hospital for non-COVID-19 patients currently admitted to shore-based hospitals.

    The USNS Comfort and her crew carry no offensive weapons to comply with the Geneva Conventions. Above you can see her being guarded by the Coast Guard and a machine gun.

    To give you an idea about her size, her overall length is almost 900 feet (273 meters) and she can take up to 1000 patients.

    Below: Note the Statue of Liberty to the left in the picture. You can find a similar picture here: Norwegian Majesty’s Ship in New York.

    Coast Guard assets, along with New York Police Department and New York Fire Department assets, provide a security escort for the USNS Comfort arrival into New York Harbor, March 30, 2020. Coast Guard Cutter Shrike, Coast Guard Cutter Sitkinak, Maritime Safety and Security Team New York, and crews from Coast Guard Station New York and Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod conducted the escort as the Comfort arrived in New York City to assist in the COVID-19 response.

    According to Wikipedia her patient capacity is as follows:

    • Intensive care wards: 80 beds
    • Recovery wards: 20 beds
    • Intermediate care wards: 280 beds
    • Light care wards: 120 beds
    • Limited care wards: 500 beds
    • Total Patient Capacity: 1000 beds
    • Operating Rooms: 12

    Below is the U.S. Navy’s video of the USNS Comfort as she heads for New York.

    All pictures by U.S. Coast Guard, and Petty Officer 3rd Class John Q. Hightower.

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