Beretta Is Helping in the Fight Against Coronavirus

    Picture source: ISINNOVA S.R.L.

    The Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta is helping in the current healthcare crisis in Italy. Beretta has switched their machine park, which usually produces 3D printed prototypes of firearms and accessories, to make parts for breathing aids for the extremely hard-pressed Italian healthcare.

    Through a call on Linkedin by Franco Gussali Beretta, the company has received 150 kg of material for its 3D printers, which is enough to manufacture 500 spare parts to start with. Additional materials will come from Germany and the production will continue as long as needed.

    In addition to Beretta, there are some 15 other companies in Italy that are making the same effort and are reorganizing their regular production to help healthcare.

    Here is a quote from the message:

    Urgent appeal from our President Franco Gussalli Beretta: we are helping with our 3D printers to produce valves for emergency respiratory masks for the Civil Hospital of Gardone Valtrompia – those designed by the Doctor and to treat patients affected by #RenatoFavero ISINNOVA #COVID19 (see we have already produced a first batch, but now we have finished the powder needed to produce more and the new order will not arrive until Friday. If anyone in Italy has any available powder #DuraformHST please contact us by writing to 3D Systems Corporation [email protected] Thank you!

    Beretta Corona Virus 3D print

    And the continuation:

    We received a lot of responses to our call this morning and the day ends with two great news. 1. Other #15aziende 3D printing that we have contacted today are already #producendo the for emergency #valvole #maschere #respiratorie respiratory-based Decathlon International thanks to an idea of , made in #RenatoFavero partrnship with ISINNOVA. 2. Tonight, we have #trovato at the Reggio Emilia ZARE 150 kg of #polvere Duraform HST with which, from tomorrow afternoon, we can also restart the production of 500 valves. He #solidarietà runs it on the wires of the and in a few hours brought #digitale #risultati excellent. Thanks again to everyone who shared, responded and brought solutions. #covid19outbreak #saperfare #faresistema #madeinbrescia

    Duraform HST is a powder material used by SLS 3D printing machines (Laser Sintering), produced by 3D Systems.

    Here is a link with instructions and 3D CAD files to produce the parts.


    The consent for the patient and the procedure illustrated below refer to the laws of the Italian state, we do not know if they are also valid abroad. It is reccomended to evaluate the eventually compliance of the device to the local laws

    Some other Italian firearms manufacturers that are in the middle of fighting the Coronavirus are Tanfoglio and Victrix Armaments.

    You can find Beretta on LinkedIn here and Beretta’s homepage here:

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