TPD-A1 – New Italian Dry and Live-Fire Training Device

    TPD-A1 - New Italian Dry and Live-Fire Training Device

    TPD-A1 - New Italian Dry and Live-Fire Training Device

    With live fire training being not an option for many of us confined at home, dry firing solutions become more interesting. Indeed our Eric B included dry fire training in his list of activities to kill boredom in quarantine (No. 9). The folks at TPD, in Italy, had the same thought and they are promoting their TPD-A1 as an innovative home training device.


    TPD-A1 in its case.

    TPD-A1 – New Dry and Live-Fire Training Device – The device in its dedicated case.

    TPD-A1 – New Dry and Live Fire Training Device

    First of all let’s have a look at what the manufacturer says about this device, currently patent pending:

    The purpose of the TPD-A1 device is to enable the shooter to understand during training, how to improve all the steps before pulling the trigger.

    The TPD’s programs set on the detection tool gives an indication of where the shot would have gone.

    During the aiming phase all of the weapon’s movement will be displayed, making the shooter realize the critical phase during the pre-shot.
    After shooting it will display the theoretical point of impact and the weapon’s movement a few seconds before and after the shot.

    TPD-A1 on Glock 17.

    TPD-A1 – New Dry and Live-Fire Training Device – The device installed on a Gen4 Glock 17.

    The TPD device also enables you to do training sessions keeping all parameters at your fingertips, without distracting yourself from the weapon or target, because it utilises its own display directly fixed on the weapon.

    The TPD-A1 was conceived as a measurement and monitoring device for firearms. It offers a simple and intuitive graphic interface, allowing you to select various specific programs for simulation and monitoring your training program.

    Measuring and showing on the colour display the weapon’s orientation, the TPD-A1 device makes it possible to improve all of the steps before the shot. Such as the handling and the shooter’s posture.

    The above may give an idea of how the accessory works and below we can see a brief video showing the TPD-A1 in operation.

    The other videos on the website, in Italian, explain that the unit has several sensors tracking all movement of the firearm (or bow, or crossbow). These sensors must be calibrated by keeping everything steady for 10 seconds, then they will be monitoring all angular movements caused by the user, including those induced by breathing. The vibrations caused by pulling the trigger and the striker/hammer being released are recorded as the shot fired. The result, theoretical shot placement and movement of the muzzle, is displayed over a target-style graphic. There is no correlation with the actual group (if in live firing mode), but seeing the history of shots in one session over the same target offers great feedback on the consistency of the trigger pull.

    TPD-A1 on BCM Europe rifle.

    TPD-A1 – New Dry and Live-Fire Training Device – The device installed on the competition rifle of Gianmattia Molina of BCM Shooting Team.

    The concept is not entirely new and it appears similar to the one employed by the MantisX, however, TPD offers the direct feedback of the screen mounted on the firearm. This can be an advantage as it allows the shooter to see the performance of each shot without breaking the grip or the focus.

    TPD-A1 on a Glock.

    TPD-A1 – New Dry and Live-Fire Training Device – The device on a Glock pistol.

    As mentioned above, the manufacturer promotes home training in these quarantine times, therefore they offer discounts on the products, with the TPD-A1, in standard configuration, priced at 250.00 on Brownells Italy. The current sale channels are Brownells in Italy and Switzerland, approval for export to the USA is in process.

    Let us know in the comments if you think this would be an interesting way to kill some time and hone some skills, while forced at home.

    All photos and videos from TPD-Company website.

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