Rivian to Offer Truck Seats Allowing Comfortable Weapon Carry

Giorgio O
by Giorgio O

We rarely care about what happens in the automotive world, but sometimes there are bits of car news which can be interesting to TFB readers. Whether it is luxurious hunter’s rides, wannabe tanks, or not-so bulletproof trucks, we know that occasionally vehicles and firearms can go together. This time again the protagonist of the story is an electric truck, by the young company Rivian.

Rivian to Offer Truck Seats Allowing Comfortable Weapon Carry - Rivian R1T EV Truck. Image Credit: Rivian.

Rivian to Offer Truck Seats Allowing Comfortable Weapon Carry

The EV focused blog Electrek reports that Rivian has filed a patent application ( US2019/0329676A1) for peculiarly shaped front seats. These offer cutouts on each side, providing more freedom of movement for the driver, and passenger, and more comfortable access to gear carried on body.

Rivian to Offer Truck Seats Allowing Comfortable Weapon Carry - Artwork from the patent application.

Here below an excerpt from the application, surprisingly understandable, compared to the usual patent jargon:

It will be appreciated that the exemplary vehicle seat […] such as described herein may provide substantial advantages over conventional seating in law enforcement vehicles or other first responder or specialty vehicles by providing occupant seating that permits greater freedom of movement and / or additional seating space for gear – wearing seat occupants via the gaps […] and […] formed at the seat back […]. Law enforcement officers typically carry weapons and other tools that may be attached to their belts or otherwise carried on their bodies . In addition , law enforcement vehicles typically include other gear positioned proximate to a front seat of a driver and/or a passenger, for example, such as laptop computers, other electronic equipment, other weapons and corresponding holders, and other law enforcement devices for which quick and easy access within arm’s reach may typically be required. Such equipment may take up substantial room in the cabin of the law enforcement vehicle that otherwise would be available to permit free movement for occupants in a conventional vehicle. Such body – worn equipment and cabin – mounted equipment can undesirably constrain the movements of law enforcement personnel seated at the front seat of such a law enforcement vehicle. [ …] In vehicles with conventional seating, law enforcement personnel may have difficulty accessing their weapons or other tools , especially when a fast reaction to a threat or to another law enforcement situation is required. In a conventional seat of a conventional law enforcement vehicle, a backward movement of the arm taken in order reach the officer’s belt-worn weapon may be constrained by a lateral portion back of the seat back, and access to the weapon itself may be obscured by a lower lateral portion of the seat back. Accordingly, a police officer may seek to move her body forward and/or sideways in order to allow for the arm movement required to access a weapon. However , such forward movement of the body may be restricted by a seat belt and/or by presence of special equipment in the police car. As a result, in some cases, a police officer may opt to refrain from using her seat belt in order to have more freedom of movement in order be able to react to threats quickly. Not using the seat belt may endanger officer’ s safety.

Rivian to Offer Truck Seats Allowing Comfortable Weapon Carry - Drawing from the patent application.

Clearly, the target market are LEO agencies, however, it would be interesting to see if these options will be made commercially available as well. Let us know in the comments if you believe this feature actually offers the advantages claimed or it just makes for weird seats.

You can head over to the Rivian website to learn more about their innovative vehicles.

Giorgio O
Giorgio O

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  • Brave Soul Brave Soul on Mar 31, 2020

    FINALLY. Ford and GM have done nothing in the last 10 year other than collect that monopoly money. Fuck them. Worst american companies ever

  • A.J.  Hodges A.J. Hodges on Mar 31, 2020

    Unfortunately a patent doesn't mean a product. There are many patents that don't end up getting used in any product. I do like the idea though and would be interested to see where the idea goes, but I think they should do some R and D and prototype testing to try to find optimal dimensions for law enforcement or civilian firearms carriers.