Underground Arms Watch – March Pt.2

    Continuing with this month’s edition of Underground Arms Watch, we again report on the global cottage industry for the illicit manufacture of firearms.

    In Qalyubia, Egypt a police operation busted three illegal gun makers last month. The 12 gauge single shot pistol known as a ‘Fard Kartoush’, three being visible on the right are a signature local weapon being widely sold.



    Another arrest on the 10th in Dakahlia resulting in an individual charged with manufacturing firearms.

    A duo arrested in Al-Badrashin on March 9:

    “Kharrat and unemployed, during the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution in South Giza, made detailed confessions about accusing them of running a workshop in Badrashin to manufacture and trade in firearms.
    The first accused, called “M.”, confirmed that he was working in a blacksmith workshop earlier, and because he was not getting a lot of money, he decided to use his profession in another way, especially after he got to know the second defendant, “unemployed”, and they joined them together in friendship, and they agreed to work in the field of manufacturing Home-made firearms, as they do not need much materials and equipment, and at the same time are constantly required due to the low prices.
    The accused added, that they started to manufacture these weapons and also make adjustments to some of the weapons, and this was done inside a small workshop that was in his home, and then handing over the weapons to the second suspect who sold them to their clients, and they continued like this until they were arrested.
    Information had been received by the police officers of the Badrasheen Police Station, according to the “Kharat Police Information” Kharat administration, unemployed residents of the Badrasheen Police Station Department, by running a workshop located in the same village where they lived to manufacture and amend firearms.
    After the codification of the procedures, they were targeted and seized if they were inside the workshop referred to, and found in possession of 11 pieces of automatic weapons, a shotgun, a shotgun, and 9 individual “home-made” cartridges, tools and parts of manufacture, and against them they confessed their possession of the seizures for the purpose of manufacturing and trading in firearms, and ordered The prosecution imprisoned them for 4 days pending investigations.” (Albawabhnews)


    Two held in arms unit raid in Calcutta

    Telegraph India

    Pistols and revolvers were being manufactured at the factory, around 16km from the heart of Calcutta, CID sources said

    An illegal arms manufacturing unit was busted in Nimta on the city’s northern fringes and two persons were arrested on Wednesday night.

    Pistols and revolvers were being manufactured at the factory, around 16km from the heart of Calcutta, CID sources said. One of the arrested persons is a “receiver” who had gone to buy weapons and the other the owner of the unit.

    The raid was carried out by the CID’s special operation group based on a specific input from the subsidiary intelligence branch in Calcutta, sources said.

    “Arms, some of them in the process of being manufactured, have been seized from the arrested duo. All the equipment used at the unit have been seized,” a CID officer said. The haul included one five-chamber countrymade gun which appeared complete with a trigger, firing pin, barrel and fitted with wooden butt loaded with one empty cartridge, one improvised single-shot, a manual drilling machine, six springs of different sizes and other lead and iron cutting equipment. (Telegraph India)


    From the UK;

    The brother of four children killed in the Walkden arson attack has been jailed after being found with a makeshift shotgun.

    “Lewis Pearson, 20, lost his three sisters, younger brother – and later his mother – in the firebomb attack at the family’s home in Salford in December 2017. He has now been locked up for a mandatory five years after he admitted storing a makeshift shotgun and ammunition at his flat in Little Hulton.” (Manchester Evening News)


    Weapons seized after a raid on a property in Ceara, Brazil, including a craft  made submachine gun reportedly chambered in .40. Unusual though not entirely unheard of.


    CPRaio police officers were on patrol when they saw a group at the back of a piece of land, located in the town known as Vila Cupim. Upon realizing the presence of the military, people entered the existing residence on the site, which drew even more attention from the composition. The PMs went to the house and after talking to the owner, Maria Josalia da Silva Gomes (50), entered the property. At that moment, other people were found in one of the compartments and all went to the front.

    In addition to the owner of the house, two teenagers, aged 17 and 15, and three other adults were at the site. The largest were identified as Erivelton da Silva Barbosa (18), with passages by the Police when underage for illegal possession of firearms and drug trafficking; Jefferson Pereira das Chagas (19) and Natanael da Silva Gadelha (27), both without precedents. The police carried out an inspection on the spot and then went to the neighboring property, which was rented to the group. There, the Raians found a 12-gauge shotgun, a .40-caliber submachine gun, a 380-caliber pistol, two ballistic vests, nine 12-caliber ammunition, nine .40-caliber ammunition, 16 380-caliber ammunition, an extended magazine, a communication radio, a balaclava, in addition to 33 g of marijuana and 22 g of cocaine and five cell phones.” (PMCE)


    Below is another .380 submachine gun which was seized in Minas Gerais on March 14.

    Julio Reis Noticia

    Another example seized on the 11th:


    An example seized on March 3rd:


    Israeli police seized this craft made SMG in Rama village in the Arab sector on March 11:

    Israeli Police

    On Thursday police seized a similar homemade SMG in Jerusalam:

    * Police spokeswoman (Jerusalem):

    “* Israel Police continue its fight against possession of weapons and weapons in violation of the law – In the night’s police action near Haim Bar Lev Boulevard in Jerusalem, 4 suspects were arrested holding a makeshift weapon. The police who were operating in the area spotted a vehicle with 4 suspects, and in the search and search they conducted, seized improvised weapons (Karl Gustav) and other means hidden by suspicion inside a case.

    The suspects (20s, East Sea) were arrested for questioning by police on suspicion of possession of weapons, and this morning they will be brought before the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, where police will seek to extend their detention.”

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