Ultra-Rare Heckler & Koch MR762A1 Long Rifle Package Rail Available

    MR762A1 LRP package

    "Like the rail on the exclusive MR762A1 LRP package? We put 10 of these ultra hard to find rails on our webshop. Now is your chance!"

    Time for the collectors and H&K aficionados to wake up. Heckler & Koch USA has (or had by the time you read this) a super rare handguard available for the H&K MR762A1. Previously the handguard was only available as part of a complete HKMR762A1 Long Rifle Package purchase, but the 14.7″ FDE HKey rail is now available in extremely limited quantities.

    Below: The MR762A1 Long Rifle Package, note the handguard.

    How limited? They only have or had 10 pieces, so if you’re interested you better hurry.

    The part number is MR762 14.7″ FDE Rail SKU#51000173 and the price is $339.00. Not too bad for a handguard.

    Here’s how H&K describe it.

    The MR762A1 LRP FDE Rail is 14.7″ long and weighs 1.3lbs and is made out of aluminum. The rail ships with 3 5-Slot Picatinny rail segments. The rail utilizes our proprietary HKey attachment system and is not cross-compatible with KeyMod.
    HK MR762A1 Long Rifle Package Rail
    I presume that the HKey attachment system is going to be quite a let-down for a lot of people, then again if you want H&K all-through that is what you go for in your build.
    At the time of writing this article, they were still in stock.

    I have an early version of the H&K MR223 (the MR556 in the US), but I went for the Carbon Fiber Rail from Troy instead. I wish, however, that I had bought the 7.62 H&K over the .223 Rem. Why? I think overall the 308 suits this type of rifle better and I think that the accuracy overall would be better as well. At least that’s the results I’m getting when I benchmark the two systems. The Long Range package above would have suited me well.

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