New Frame Color Options for SAR USA’s B6C Compact Pistol

    B6C from SAR USA

    SAR USA have expanded their frame colour options for their B6C compact pistol, on top of standard black you can now add a little tactical flare with frames in OD Green and Flat Dark Earth.

    B6C in standard black (SAR USA)

    Here’s what SAR USA have to say about the B6C’s new frame colours:

    SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of firearms, is pleased to announce the introduction of new B6C compact pistol frame colors: Flat Dark Earth and OD Green.

    “Due to an overwhelming demand from loyal B6C enthusiasts for new color variations, we are excited to be able to provide two new popular colors,” said Todd Pearson, COO of SAR USA. “To us, here at SAR USA, the feedback from our loyal dealers, distributors and customers speaks volumes. We value them as partners and will always strive to fulfill their requests.”

    B6C in FDE (SAR USA)

    A longtime favorite of NATO, security and law enforcement agencies around the world, the hammer-fired B6C compact is a lightweight, single action/double action semi-automatic pistol designed and engineered to provide reliable service for many years. Offered in 9×19 mm, the SAR B6C features a 3.8” hammer-forged barrel, polymer frame, high-quality steel slide, stainless matte finish, fixed style 3-dot combat sight, manual thumb safety and integrated spur hammer. The B6C comes standard with two 13+1 magazines or 10+1 for capacity restricted states.

    B6C in OD Green (SAR USA)

    With its compact look and feel, the SAR B6C is extremely well balanced in your hand. A low-profile slide of an incredible .7 inches makes the B6C quick-pointing and easy to shoot, making follow-up shots easier with speed and accuracy. The SAR B6C is an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking for a dependable semi-automatic handgun for self-defense or everyday carry. The SAR B6C is also offered in black and stainless matte finishes.

    Here are the specs for the BC6:

    CALIBER 9x19mm
    CAPACITY 13+1
    WEIGHT 25.2 oz.

    The B6C is available for $333.30 MSRP. Find out more over at SAR USA’s website here.

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