Russian Special Forces gets their first batch of AK-12s

    AK-12 Special Forces

    Russian special forces of the Western military district with AK-12 (Russian Ministry of Defense)

    About a year ago TFB reported that the Russian Military had ordered 150,000 brand new AK-12 and AK-15 rifles.

    Just about a month ago we saw the Russia’s Spetsnaz in the cold with their new AK-12s and now it’s time for the Special Forces of the Western Military District to get theirs.

    These are also some of the best pictures we have seen of the AK-12 in the field, and therefore of high interest.

    Below: Russian Special Forces shooting the Kalashnikov AK-12, with a blank firing adapter fitted.

    Auto-translated from the Russian Defense Ministry‘s Facebook post:

    The special forces of the Western military district in the Tambov region received the first batch of AK-12 assault rifles in the amount of 500 units. Military personnel will master new small arms during classes in fire training and tactical and special exercises.

    AK-12 is the latest generation of 5.45-mm Kalashnikov assault rifles, which has increased ergonomics, increased accuracy of fire and a survivability reserve of a barrel made using new technology. The assault rifle was developed as part of the Warrior program and is part of the advanced equipment of the RF Armed Forces.


    Note that the soldier’s are grabbing the AK by the magazine in all pictures.

    The AK-12 and AK-12K come in 5.45×39mm and the AK-15 / AK-15K come in 7.62×39mm.

    The weight of the AK-12 is 3.3 kg (7.28 lb).

    TFB’s staff thinks this is the Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight (without logotype). Do you agree or do you have another ID?

    In July 2019, TFB reported about the Central Military District of the Russian Armed Forces getting 8,000 pcs. of the AK-12.


    Just how durable the new AK-12 is can be seen in the photos and videos in the AK-12 Meltdown by Kalashnikov Media, that Hrachya posted.

    There’s even a civilian version of AK-12, called the AK TR3, which is produced in two calibers – 5.45 mm and 7.62 mm.

    With regards to holding your rifle. TFB’s Vlad and Kalashnikov Group did a video on this:

    Source: Russian Ministry of Defense (Facebook)

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