POTD: Mandalorian Heckler & Koch SP5

    Photo Of The Day – This is Heckler & Koch’s SP5 at SHOT Show made by Blown Deadline. This isn’t H&K’s first attempt at this, already in 2016, they did a Ballistic Mandalorian Armor.

    If you like the Mandalorian theme you should definitely check these firearms out as well: The Mandalorian Fett Blaster and The Mandalorian’s Blaster Pistol.

    HK wanted a SP5 in mandolorian. Got the damn thing Tuesday at 4pm. Of course needs to be back by Friday am for Shot Show.Well, this is what I came up with.
    Can is mine but looked good for photos!

    By the looks of it, the Deadline wasn’t Blown.

    If you follow us on a regular basis – which you should – you may remember the Heckler & Koch SP5 dazzled up with some flowers?

    If you prefer the Heckler & Koch SP5 just as it is, we offer that option as well: here.

    How would you like your SP5? Stock, Mandalorian or dazzled up with some flowers?