POTD: Russian Airborne Forces with PKM and VSS Vintorez

    Photo Of The Day – TFB is now on our 7th year of bringing you high-quality photographs from the world of firearms every day. Today we take a look at Russian Recon and Special Operation units (Russian Airborne Forces) as they prepare themselves for the Polar Star competition.

    Above you can see the PKM, a general-purpose machine gun in 7.62×54mmR. More silent is the VSS Vintorez (Special Sniper Rifle) made by Tula Arms. It uses a subsonic 9×39 mm round, which can have a tip of hardened steel or tungsten for better penetration of armor.

    You could say it’s the equivalent of the HK MP5 SD, with an integral suppressor wrapped around the ported barrel.

    I actually managed to find a VSS Vintorez for sale, but it will be difficult to get out of Russia. Because Embargo. Check it out here.


    Below: Notice the sight versus the angle of the barrel. Subsonic 9 mm rounds aren’t famous for their ballistics, but I would still watch out for this one!

    Below: Sniper in the open with his Dragunov.

    Playground for the Special Forces.

    Pictures: Ministry of Defence, Russia.