POTD: Russian Engineering Troops in Moscow

    Russian Engineering Troops in Moscow

    No, this isn’t the Apocalypse. This is TFB’s Photo Of The Day where we visit the Russian Engineering Troops in Moscow. The soldier to the right (above) carries a PKM machine gun in 7.62×54 mm.

    In these pictures, they are busy celebrating that they are 319 years old. Apart from releasing gas, blowing things and clearing mines up they also built a bridge.

    Photos 2020: A tactical and special exercise was held in the Moscow Region with the military personnel of a Separate Guards Engineering brigade of the Western Military District

    Below: Note the long brown banana magazine, longer barrel and folded bipod.

    As you may know, engineering troops can be used for various purposes. For instance field engineering, fencing, obstacle clearing, field water supplying and so forth. Below you can see a bridge being transported.


    Of course, the Engineer Troops can be used for many important tasks in peacetime also.

    All photos by Konstantin Emchenko