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    An Austrian company called Recoil Buster makes recoil mitigating stocks for over and under shotguns. The buttplate and cheekpiece of these stocks are combined in a separate spring-loaded L-shaped unit that upon firing compresses into the actual stock dampening the felt recoil.

    One of the key design features of Recoil Buster stocks is the patented Impulse Switch mechanism that is built into the stock and ensures that the mobile rear assembly stays locked until the shotgun is fired. This allows having a solid stock while you are aiming and pulling the trigger which then automatically unlocks and collapses once the gun starts recoiling.

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    As shown in the above-embedded image, the Recoil Buster stocks are available in two versions: Recoil Buster Complete and Recoil Buster Professional. Let’s see what each of these options offers.

    Recoil Buster Complete

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    The Recoil Buster Complete is a hunting oriented stock with no drop or cast adjustability and simpler wooden cheekpiece. The cheekpiece height is adjustable and the length of pull can also be adjusted via spacers. This is a drop-in part and its installation is just a matter of replacing the factory stock. Currently, this stock is available for Beretta 680 and Browning 525 shotguns. The MSRP on the company’s website is €1,395 which is about $1,580.

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    Recoil Buster Professional

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    The Recoil Buster Professional stock features more adjustment options which makes it better suited for target shooting. The main difference from the previous model is the adjustability of the drop, cast and stock angle accomplished by the ball joint connecting the stock to the grip. The cheekpiece geometry is also different and there are wooden and leather cheekpiece options. This stock is available only for Beretta 680 shotguns in long and short versions. The MSRP for both lengths is identical – €1,990 ($2,255).

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    Internal mechanism of the Professional stock

    To learn more about these stocks, watch the video below.

    What do you guys think about these recoil mitigating stocks? I’d love to test and see if they perform as advertised. One possible downside of the design is that these stocks are probably not beard-friendly.

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