POTD: Russian DP-64 Over & Under Bullpup Grenade Launcher

    POTD Russian DP-64 Over&Under Bullpup Grenade Launcher (1)

    Russian Degtyarev Plant‘s website has been recently updated with beautiful pictures of some of the rare and unique firearms made by this company. In today’s Photo Of The Day, we’ll take a look at their DP-64 Grenade Launcher.

    DP-64 is designed to be used for protecting ships, surfaced submarines, docks and other coastal constructions from enemy frogmen. In fact, the full model designation of this device is DP-64 Anti-Sabotage Grenade Launcher. There are two types of 45mm grenades used in this weapon: FG-45 (ФГ-45) HE grenades and SG-45 (СГ-45) signal grenades (designed to mark the location of enemy combat divers).

    DP-64 is a breech loading firearm. In order to load it, the operator must unlock, pull back and rotate the breech block/stock (or pull forward and rotate the barrels, if you will), insert the grenades into the chambers and close the action in the reverse order. Here is a video showing the loading procedure.

    Images from www.zid.ru