GECO DTX – New Line for Sport Shooters with Handguns, PCCs and Rifles

    GECO DTX 223 Rem

    The rumor that Geco Ammunition (Germany) was about to release a low(er)-priced .223 Remington round has been around for a while, and their new DTX line has now been released. The new Geco DTX ammunition line also includes 9x19mm and .308 Winchester, so most high-volume sports shooters are covered.

    I’ve been using the normal Geco .223 Rem 55 grs (called 56 gr) every now and then. There is also a 63 gr cartridge. They are priced in the higher region, but it also performs really well on the 300-meter range I use.

    The New Product Announcement reads:

    GECO has announced the introduction of a new line for sports shooters with a high consumption of ammunition.

    Effective immediately, GECO DTX will be offering various FMJ loads for handguns and rifles at an attractive price – and naturally in reliable GECO quality.

    For rifles, both versions – GECO DTX in .308 Win, 150 gr, and .223 Rem. FMJ, 55 gr – will be immediately available; for handguns, GECO DTX in the very popular 9mm Luger caliber with a bullet weight of 115 gr will be entering the market. 

    Sports shooters in particular will be excited about the newest GECO DTX line. Planning for the GECO DTX focused specifically on the needs of shooters with high consumption of ammunition. Therefore, 3 full metal jacket loads in the popular calibers .223 Rem., .308 Win., and 9mm Luger are immediately available at a fair price.

    GECO has intentionally chosen package sizes that will be the most practical for the shooters. While the .308 Win. and 9mm Luger are provided in handy 50-shot packages, the .223 Rem packages contain 150 shots.

    GECO DTX FMJ in 9mm Luger 

    The new handgun ammunition of the GECO DTX line offers the best properties of a full metal jacket shell and meets all standards expected of modern sports ammunition: This shell is characterized by repeatable precision combined with reliable feed. Thanks to these properties, the GECO DTX FMJ in 9mm Luger is the ideal training shell and perfectly suited to dynamic, partially dynamic, and precision disciplines. It is perfect for using with compact and full-size handguns and with modern pistol caliber carbines.

    GECO DTX FMJ in .223 Rem. 

    For sports shooting in .223 Rem. caliber, the GECO DTX FMJ is the product of choice for all training-intensive disciplines, not just because of its quality but also for logistics reasons thanks to the practical 150-piece packaging units. The GECO DTX FMJ in .223 Rem. are characterized by reliable function and feed in AR systems and semi-automatic rifles.

    GECO DTX FMJ in .308 Win.

    A perfect addition to the new GECO DTX line for sports shooting is the FMJ load in .308 Win. caliber, which is also immediately available. Practical for everyone who trains a lot and therefore uses greater quantities of ammunition, the GECO DTX FMJ in .308 Win. caliber comes in practical 50-piece cartons.

    I have yet to see any official pricing for any of the Geco DTX, but I have some 55 gr DTX 223 Rem. on pre-order and will try them as soon as I get my hands on them. My hope is that they will perform as good as the existing 55 gr. I am not promising we will review them but we will do our best.

    You can find the Geco Ammunition homepage here.

    Eric B

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