Seekins Precision Pro Comp 10X-RAY Stock

    Seekins Precision Pro Comp 10X-RAY Stock (1)

    Seekins Precision has introduced the second Pro Comp AR-15 stock. As the first model, Seekins 10X, the new 10X-Ray is also a fixed stock. The main difference between the two is the skeletonized design of the new one. Other than that, these stocks have similar geometry as shown in the below-embedded image.

    Seekins Precision Pro Comp 10X-RAY Stock (11)

    Seekins Precision Pro Comp 10X stock (left) compared to the new 10X-Ray.

    The Seekins Precision 10X-Ray stock is made of a proprietary high impact polymer material. This stock is compatible with AR-15/AR-10 pattern rifles with mil-spec buffer tubes. The skeletonization allowed to decrease the weight by 1.6 oz: from 10X’s 20.8 oz down to 19.2 oz. The length of pull can be adjusted via 1/4″ spacers that are sandwiched between the stock itself and the rubber butt pad. The cheekpiece of 10x-Pro is adjustable, too. The stock also features three anti-rotational QD sling swivel sockets – one at the bottom and two near the contact point with the lower receiver. The steel components feature the company’s ArmorBlak coating.

    Seekins Precision Pro Comp 10X-RAY Stock (2)

    10X-Ray stock comes with two LOP adjustment 1/4″ spacers.

    The Seekins Precision 10X-Ray stock is completely made in the USA. It is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $159.

    This kind of stock will probably be most suitable for a DMR-style long-range shooting rig where you may not necessarily need to be able to quickly adjust the stock but rather prefer to have a set LOP and cheekpiece height to be able to consistently get a perfect cheek weld in relation to the scope. What do you guys think? Does this stock offer everything you need at a right price point or do you see some important features missing? I think it wouldn’t dramatically increase the price or weight if they had some provision (e.g. a couple of M-LOK slot inserts at the bottom) to attach a monopod. Or maybe they should design a monopod or a Picatinny rail section that can be attached to the bottom QD sling swivel socket?

    Images by Seekins Precision

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