COVID-19 Scare Stimulates Ammunition and Survival Gear Sales

Luke C.
by Luke C.
COVID-19 Scare Stimulates Ammunition and Survival Gear Sales

In recent weeks, sales of several items including bleach, disinfectant sprays, surgical masks, toilet paper, and bottled water have skyrocketed. Spurred on by fears pertaining to the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), several other items including ammunition and survival gear have seen a similar jump in sales numbers according to several retailers.

COVID-19 Scare Stimulates Ammunition and Survival Gear Sales

Online retailers such as Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply have experienced as much as a 99.7% increase in website traffic between February 23rd and 25th. With that traffic, they have experienced double the sales when compared to previous years during the same time period.

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Brownells director of content and communications Ryan Repp said that the company’s ammunition sales have gone up but even more items are being sold in the food and survival sections of the website, surpassing the ammunition sales increase.

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So far, production has been able to keep up with the increased sales in the ammunition department. Many manufacturers seem to have anticipated an increase in sales due to the fears associated with the COVID-19 virus. For now, It seems that we can expect ammunition to stay as an in-stock item.

COVID-19 Scare Stimulates Ammunition and Survival Gear Sales

IT isn’t a big deal…..until it is

Regardless of your particular situation, it is always a good idea to keep at least some survival supplies around the house, which in my opinion would include a healthy supply of ammunition for your firearms. Despite what you in particular feel is going to happen in relation to the COVID-19 virus, the fact of the matter is that the news related to the topic will affect others around you and could cause supply shortages for you and your loved ones. Plan around other people’s anticipated reactions – not your own.

COVID-19 Scare Stimulates Ammunition and Survival Gear Sales

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My personal advice would be to keep as much of the essentials for home comfort (food, water, toiletries, ammunition, etc) as you are able to afford and that you can manage. You never know when resources will become scarce and at that point, you and your family may face undue stress. What are your thoughts on this sudden increase in survival and ammunition sales in relation to the COVID-19 scare? What would you keep around the house in the event your local and online stores started to run out of common items? Let us know down in the comments and stay safe out there.

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  • Clifffalling Clifffalling on Mar 10, 2020

    While people were buying TP, i beefed up my stock porfolio yesterday. Got some screamin deals. Now, i just gotta sit back and get comfortable on my eisting stockpile of ammo, TP, filtered water and popcorn ( thats for watchin the show.). I work from home, my wife works in a tiny office that works mainly with remote clients, and my kids school is out in the county with only 40 kids. We are at 7000 ft altitude, with a very dry climate. Now, stupid Murphy O'Myer is always skulking about, but we're all healthy. I like my odds.
    Now, as long as the Nicaraguan army doesnt dress up as field traders and infiltrate, while crack Russian airborne units invade in planes disguised as commercial jets, we'll all he fine!