POTD: Carl Gustaf Recoilless Rifle (Undisclosed Location)

    Welcome to TFB’s own Photo Of The Day. As the name says, this series is updated daily and dedicated to rare and unique pictures from the World of Firearms.

    We usually will tell you where the picture was taken, but today we can’t, The location is “undisclosed”, but it looks like a place with a lot of sand around.

    We’re looking at a U.S. Army soldier, as he fires a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle during training in November  2019. Personally, I would prefer to fire it laying down rather than standing. Not because of the recoil – it’s recoilless – but to be able to aim better.

    The Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle is a reusable, man-portable, anti-tank weapon. In the U.S. Army it is called M3 MAAWS and was introduced late in 2011.

    As you can see in the picture, there is quite an overpressure generated by the blast wave of the Carl Gustaf.

    The photos were taken by U.S. Army photo – Staff Sgt. Alex Manne.