CZ Introduces the Shadow 2 SA Pistol

    (CZ USA)

    CZ-USA have announced the introduction of a new addition to their Shadow 2 line of pistols. The new Shadow 2 SA is a single action pistol chambered in 9x19mm, the new single action trigger is aimed to appeal to the target shooting market.

    (CZ USA)

    Here’s what CZ-USA have to say about the Shadow 2 SA:

    CZ-USA expands the very popular Shadow 2 line of competition-ready pistols with the new CZ Shadow 2 SA. That’s right-SA as in a Single Action pistol with one of the best pistol triggers available!

    While not legal for USPSA Production Division like the standard Shadow version, the CZ Shadow 2 SA and its lighter, crisper SA trigger gives the target-shooting enthusiast the ability to punch paper with precision!

    Outwardly identical to the standard Shadow 2, the new Shadow 2 SA is chambered in 9MM and requires the hammer to be cocked for it to fire. Finished in black and with a set of blue aluminum grips and a blue trigger, it’s a striking pistol that is a fun and easy to shoot-for hours at a time.

    The Shadow 2 SA features the same shooter-friendly ergonomics of the Shadow 2, and can be used for plinking, or 3 Gun competitions. Like the original Shadow 2, the CZ Shadow 2 SA sports aggressive checking on the aluminum grips for a solid hold, even when the shooter’s hands are dirty and sweaty from running stages. The front and backstrap are nicely checkered, too.

    Other features include a 17+1 magazine capacity, an easy to pick up fiber optic front sight, a black HAJO rear (click adjustable for elevation, drift adjustable for windage), three-position adjustable mag release and an ambidextrous manual safety. All of this at an affordable price!

    When you need to get on target fast and make every shot count, you need the new CZ-USA Shadow 2 SA.

    CZ-USA Shadow 2 SA Specs:

    SKU: 91245

    Model: Shadow 2 SA

    Chambering: 9mm

    Magazine Capacity: 17+1

    Frame: Steel

    Trigger Mech: Single Action Only

    Sights: Fiber Optic front, HAJO rear

    Barrel Length: 4.89 in

    Weight: 46.5 oz

    Overall Length: 8.53 in

    Safety: Ambidextrous Manual Safety

    The new Shadow 2 SA has an MSRP of $1,349, check out CZ-USA’s website for more details.

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