VZ Grips Adds Ruger SP101 Grips To Their Lineup

    VZ Grips Ruger SP101 grips

    Image credit: VZ Grips

    VZ Grips has announced that they’ve added the Ruger SP101 to their line up of grips offerings, including three different texture styles.  Each texture style has four color options; black, black cherry, black grey, and hyena brown.  VZ Grips stated that the Ruger SP101 grips will be the first in their Ruger line up, and also teased that the Ruger GP100 was coming soon.

    SP101 Grips

    Ruger SP101 grips. Image credit: VZ Grips

    VZ Grips lets their photos do most of the talking on their website, but you can read their brief announcement from their Facebook page below:

    It has been a long time in the works, but the wait is nearly over.

    We’ve begun production of our line of G-10 grips design for Ruger revolvers, starting with the beautiful SP101. With three new textures, including the all new version of the VZ Hydra, and four colors to choose from, we have the right grip for you. PRE-ORDER today! Grips are expected to begin shipping on or before March 11, 2020.

    Ruger SP101 grips

    Image credit: VZ Grips

    For those not familiar with VZ Grips, they also offer grips for other popular revolvers such as Smith & Wesson, Colt and Taurus.  They also have numerous grips for Beretta, Colt, CZ, 1911’s and AR-15’s just to name a few.  You can view VZ Grips’ website HERE to see all their grips and accessories.  You can also pre-order (prior to March 11) at their Ruger SP101 grips page HERE.  The SP101 grips are listed at $79 for each set.  Feel free to check out VZ Grips’ Facebook page HERE.  TFB’s Miles V. did a review on VZ Grips a number of years ago as well if you want to check it out.

    What do you think about the new Ruger SP101 grips from VZ Grips?  For those interested, which texture and color would you prefer.  As an SP101 owner, I’m glad to see new options available and I’d been wondering for some time when VZ Grips would lock onto Ruger.

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