IPSC and Kahles Optics Enter a Global Partnership

    We should be thankful for the companies that support our interest in shooting and competition, and today TFB can reveal a new partnership that has been formed on a Global basis between IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) and the Austrian company Kahles Optics.

    Some Kahles Optics’ products are a perfect fit for dynamic and practical shooting sports, for instance the brand new Kahles K18i – a 1-8x power rifle scope – and the Kahles Helia RD Red Dot Sight.

    The Kahles K18i – soon to be reviewed by TFB

    We share the passion and professionalism of ambitious shooters and support their aspiration to continually enhancing performance.

    Thereby our focus is on sporting competition, striving for perfection, responsible weapon handling and safety in shooting sports. IPSC as a sporting discipline represents all of this in a perfect way.

    We are therefore pleased to announce the cooperation with the IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) world association as an official partner for riflescopes in the field of ‘IPSC Rifle’.

    Our common goal is to promote the sport shooting disciplines of the IPSC and to contribute to further expanding the IPSC community of today more than 200.000 members worldwide.

    Looking through the brand new Kahles 1-8x (Picture by Sasha Back)

    With this step, we want to continue on our chosen path of close networking with the IPSC community, in order to constantly sharpening our understanding of the challenges of this sport and of the resulting product requirements. Only through a deep understanding of user requirements, we are able to continuously improve our products and thus provide best possible support to the shooting community.

    “Our sport is a technical sport. The success of athletes depends on the quality of the equipment. Companies producing equipment for our athletes are also developing sports as we, IPSC officials. Therefore, we attach the highest importance to partnership with companies producing and supplying sports products to our athletes. Because only in such close cooperation are victories and the best products for humanity born!” said Vitaly Kryuchin, IPSC President.

    A perfect example of this is the new K18i, which was developed with the support of top shooters from the IPSC and 3-Gun scene and which is uncompromisingly optimized for these disciplines.

    KAHLES is looking forward to the partnership with the IPSC association which should benefit mainly the shooting sport and the shooters.

    Below you can see the Schmeisser AR-15 Dynamic LMadsen Edition”, with a Kahles 1-6x in a Spuhr mount, as used at the Rifle World Shoot 2019.

    TFB just received a Kahles K18i rifle scope with the new IPSC reticle and we are waiting for the scope mount to start reviewing it. Actually, we already had a jump start and below is a sample picture.

    Kahles K18i IPSC

    Kahles K18i IPSC reticle

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    Sources: Kahles and IPSC.

    What do you think of the partnership?

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