HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Beautiful Colt History or Overpriced Misery?

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    Colt Single Action Buntline

    Welcome everyone to the 41st edition of ‘Hot Gat or Fudd Crap?’, one of our many series here on TFB. If you’re new to the series, this is where we look at the most obscure or unusual firearms that are actually for sale and ask the question – is this Gat a sweet deal or does it only have Fudd appeal?  Each week the TFB staff weighs in with their thoughts, but readers get the final say in the poll at the bottom of each article!

    In our last edition, our poll showed that you, the readers, deemed the 1911 in .30 carbine as a hot gat.  

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? AMT Poll Results

    The original auction has closed with 23 bids driving the final price up to $1,200. Congratulations to Regera1 on the purchase of your new Automag III.    

    In this week’s edition of HGFC, we look at a 16″ Single Action Colt Buntline. As is tradition, this oversized gat is currently up for sale on GunBroker with a starting bid of $0.01 and No Reserve (Buy It Now set at $40k).  


    Beautiful Colt History or Overpriced Misery?  

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    Colt Single Action Buntline

    Let’s see what the Staff had to say about this week’s offering:

    “Long gat is long” – Matt M.

    “Hot gat. Because Joker.” – Nick C.

    Awfully ambitious to assume I am unwilling to pay more than $40K (sarcasm)” – Adam S.

    “My life is a B movie, I want. Hot Gat” – Mike R.

    “In 21st century marketing terms: advanced repeating firearm with enhanced ballistic performance offered by optimized barrel length and lightened, high strength stock. Hot Fudd Gat.” – Giorgio O.

    “Strange finish? Suspicious “factory rebuild”? Listing grammar and syntax so poor it’s looks like it was written by Señor Cardgage? Fudd crap with extra points, my friend.” – Rusty S.

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    Colt Single Action Buntline Hammer

    Selling this rare revolver is GunBroker seller jhillin, located in Houston, TX.  Let’s see what they had to say about this 16in revolver:

    This 1890 rare Colt Single Action Rifle was made the same years as the coveted Colt Buntline. It originally had a 12 inch barrel but was converted to 16 inches along with being nickel plated when Colt preformed a rebuild in the 1980’s. The rebuild number 1056 is located under the wood grip panel on the left side of the firearm. Being made over 120 years age, this item is in immaculate condition and would be right at home with any collectors’ museum grade pieces. Claim this functional piece of history as yours!

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    Colt Single Action Buntline stamping

    Originally a variant of the Colt Peacemaker, the Buntline Special was first announced in 1876. Featuring barrels ranging from 10 to 16 inches, the Buntline looked to build on the Peacemaker design while optimizing it for added accuracy.

    While the Colt Buntline was known for its role in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, its larger appearance leads more people to think of the Joker’s exaggerated Smith and Wesson Model 15-3 in 1989’s Batman.

    Hot Gat or Fudd Crap

    Joker’s Smith & Wesson Model 15-3 Photo Courtesy of

    The seller pointed out the gun was rebuilt by Colt in the 1980’s where it was converted from a 12in to a 16in gun.  Speculation would lead me to believe that this was done to avoid a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) tax stamp, but it’s anyone’s guess. More research would be needed in order to determine the legitimacy of this gun.

    While the Colt Buntline is an interesting piece of history, this no reserve auction will be an interesting benchmark for what these guns could be worth.  The gun is stunning to look at, but I can’t imagine it leaving the safe for a range anytime soon.  What is this worth?  Well, you tell me.

    What do you think?  Is this Colt Single Action Buntline a Hot Gat or just tired old Fudd Crap?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and cast your vote to let us know if this Colt Single Action Buntline is a Hot Gat or Fudd Crap:


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