Garm: New Sniper Rifle/DMR Carrying System from Vorn Defence

    It’s been a while since Vorn Defence got mentioned here at TFB. The Vorn Equipment Fast Access Rifle Backpack written by If you carry longer and larger rifles and firearms from time to time, or all of the time, you should continue reading. Their new system is called Garm, which in Norse mythology is a wolf associated with Ragnarök, and described as a blood-stained guardian of Hel’s gate.

    Their new carrying-system will work even with a Barrett M107, and is focused for snipers or designated marksmen.

    Vorn Defence GARM:

    The GARM can carry most carbines and long guns with optics and other accessories. Anything from a short barreled M4 up to a Barrett M107 or McMillan T50 will fit in the GARMs firearms compartment.

    The patented Quick Rifle Release system ensures that the firearm can be deployed from the pack within seconds.

    The lower part of the weapon scabbard can be folded up when used for shorter carbines, and rifles with folding stocks.

    The Garm is delivered with a rifle sleeve which can be used as a separate «drag bag» or to provide additional dust and weather protection while the firearm is carried inside the GARM.


    Scabbard volume : 15 liters (900 ci)

    Pack volume : 32 liters (2000 ci)

    Weight : 3,9 kg (8,6 lbs)

    Available colors : Multicam, Tan 499 and Black

    Main materials:
    Main Fabric : 500D CORDURA® (MIL DTL 32439)
    Zippers: YKK #8 and #10 coil
    Hardware: UTX
    Duraflex mil spec
    Release mechanism plastic parts: PA6 with 45% GF
    Release mechanism steel parts: AISI 316.
    Frame: Aluminium 6061 T6


    From their Instagram:


    To see some Vorn Defence products in use, check out the Hunting with the Carl Gustaf M/96 (1915) in 6.5×55 Swedish.

    The product is brand new and was supposed to be shown at Enforce Tac and IWA later this week (now postponed). There is no pricing or product page available at this moment.

    Vorn Defence can be found here:

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