New MP5 Telescopic Stock from B&T

    As the exhibitions Enforce Tac and IWA in Germany got postponed until further notice, we’re now seeing companies releasing their news directly online instead. If you check on a regular basis here at TFB we promise to keep you covered.

    One of the first press releases to get out is from B&T in Switzerland. Their stand is usually one of the most interesting and TFB is for sure going to miss visiting it.

    You’re looking at a Telescopic Stock for the Heckler & Koch MP5 (and clones, of course). It looks very similar to the telescopic stock available for the B&T APC-9 (and similar B&T models).¬†As I haven’t seen or tried the new product I can’t speak of the functionality, but the one I have on my own APC-9 works really well.

    Here’s how B&T describe their new product:

    Sophisticated, lightweight telescopic shoulder stock for MP5 and clones

    Despite its advanced age, the HK MP5 is still in use by many police agencies worldwide.

    As part of the Mid-Live-Improvement, many users have upgraded and retrofitted the weapon in recent years with B&T parts (handguards, optical mounts, etc.).

    At the same time, various authorities have repeatedly asked B&T for a well thought-out telescopic stock. Since B&T offers such a telescopic stock for its own APC, the request was gladly granted.

    The new B&T telescopic stock for the MP5 is convincing in all areas. It is up to 62 mm shorter than known shoulder rests when inserted, it can be pulled out immediately without using a lever and it has 3 locking positions for optimal adaptation to the shooter and its equipment.

    In addition to these improvements, B&T has also succeeded in reducing the weight of the shoulder stock to 495 g, which is between 21 % and 47% lighter than comparable shoulder stocks.


    B&T Switzerland have a long list of buttstocks for the MP5 which you can find here.

    Eric B

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