New from Spuhr: Drop-in Folding Stock Assembly for HK MP5/HK33/HK53 and Clones

    Drop-in Folding Stock Assembly for HK MP5/HK33/HK53 and Clones

    Spuhr of Sweden has had quite some success with various stocks for various Heckler & Koch rifles like the G3 and the MP5. For instance the Swedish and Portuguese G3 upgrade orders as well as the large MP5 upgrade order from the German Bundespolizei. Spuhr now has a new stock for the Heckler & Koch MP5 which is a drop-in folding stock that fits also the HK33, HK53 and clones.

    The length is between 215-295 mm (8.46-11.61”) measured from the center of the take-down pin to the rear of the stock. The weight is 696 g / 24.6 oz.

    Here’s how Spuhr describe it:

    R-316 MP5 Stock Assembly, Folding

    The R-316 MP5 Stock Assembly, Folding is a drop-in length-adjustable folding stock for the MP5, HK33, HK53, and clones.

    Using a two-piece stock adapter machined from solid billet aircraft aluminum, with a rubber buffer, the 6-position adjustable stock is a drop-in replacement of the factory stock and is fully adjustable for length with a non-reciprocating quick-detachable cheek piece, which positions the shooter’s eye in line with optic sights.

    The check piece can be instantly removed in order to use the factory iron sights if needed. The firearm can still be fired with the stock in the folded position.
    Thanks to the enhanced ergonomics of the stock assembly, recoil management is greatly improved, providing for fast accurate fire even when shooting fully automatic fire.

    • Install stock assembly using factory HK take down pin.
    • Adjust stock length by pulling down on the rear of the adjustment lever and then slide the stock to the desired length.
    • To fold stock, push button on left side of the stock adapter whilst pushing the rear part of the stock assembly down. Then rotate to the right.
    • To remove buttstock from buffer tube, pull down fully on the front of the adjustment lever and then slide stock off the buffer tube.
    • Remove cheek piece by pulling it up and to the rear (pull on the front of the cheek piece).
    • Re-attach cheek piece by sliding it onto top of the stock comb so the rear of the cheek piece grips the comb, then push front of check piece onto the aluminum stock adapter to lock into place.

    I was not able to find a price on the Spuhr webshop yet. According to Spuhr, the stock is still in prototyping and the price will be released soon.

    What do you think of the product?

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