B&T Release Pistol Chassis for CZ P-10 F and P-10 C

    The innovative company from Switzerland, B&T, continue their success with chassis for various handguns. Previously they released the B&T USW-G17 Conversion kit for the Glock 17s & 19s. B&T also have chassis for the Glock 40/20/21, Walther PPQ and the SIG P320. The aim for B&T this time are handguns from the Czech Republic, namely the CZ P-10F and the P-10 C.

    In B&T’s words:


    The success of the B&T USW as well as the B&T USW-G Chassis has stirred the interest to have this innovative and accurate system also available for other popular pistols. B&T is happy to fulfil these demands with the introduction of a USW Chassis for the CZ P-10 F and the CZ P-10 C.

    The USW-P10 conversion kits are the ultimate add on for the CZ P-10 F and the P-10 C. They offer the operator the choice of using the pistol in the traditional way as well as with the built in folding stock, while the transition only requires less than a mere second. Due to its elaborated design, the operator can mount an optionally available red dot sight on top of the chassis and use the original open sights as back up.

    Above you can see the new B&T Chassis for the CZ P-10, with an Aimpoint ACRO on top.

    There is no price or more details released on the Swiss B&T website yet, but all other existing kits cost 378.00 CHF which is about the same in USD.

    You can find the complete B&T pistol chassis line here.

    If you doubt the performance of a pistol chassis you can check this article for some interesting input: Long Range Shooting with a B&T Universal Service Weapon.

    Which handgun would you like to see a chassis for next?

    Eric B

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