POTD: Sturmgewehr 77 and Pistole 80

    Each day TFB publishes one or more photographs from our fascinating World of Firearms. Along with this comes a brief explanation.

    February 29, this is probably TFB’s first leap day POTD.

    Above you can see the Sturmgewehr 77 (or Stg 77 for short) and a soldier that is doing two shots in quick succession. You may also know this firearm under the name Steyr AUG.

    The photo above and below is taken by Mr. Christopher Weilguni.

    Below we see a soldier with an ABC gas mask shooting drills with the “Pistole 80“. We’re in Austria, so you guessed right it’s a Glock 17.

    More shooting with the Pistole 80 (Photo by Mr. Thomas Lampersberger)

    Photo: Thomas Lampersberger

    From the Austrian Bundesheer.

    Did you ever shoot with a gas mask? What did you think about it? How much more difficult was it to hit your target?