Schmidt & Bender – New Ballistic Elevation Turret for Hunting and Competition Shooting

    In October of last year, TFB posted these great pictures taken through the reticle of the Schmidt & Bender 3-21×50 EXOS, a rifle scope focused on hunting.

    It is now time for a new interesting feature to enter the arena and enhance the performance of this scope.

    S&B have released a Single Turn Ballistic tower that you can configure yourself, depending on your rifle, different loads, shooting with or without suppressor and so forth.

    The new turret is also available for their PM II (Police Military) line of scopes, but unfortunately, the press release doesn’t state if it’s available for all or some of them.

    Remember that the EXOS is a second focal place scope, and most (but not all) of the PMII scopes and reticles are first focal plane.

    New Ballistic Elevation Turret for Hunting and Competition Shooting: Single Turn II-Ballistic

    The 3-21×50 Exos and a wide range of our PM II products can now be ordered or upgraded with the new Single Turn II-Ballistic (ST II-B).

    The ST II-B is the fastest, most flexible and most precise bullet drop compensation (BDC) on the market.

    It enables the shooter to calibrate the turret to the ballistic of the rifle and to stay on target in any situation.

    The ST II-B is the extended version of the Single Turn II (ST II) turret. With the help of six, clearly visible position indicators (1–6), the operator can easily set-up their own calibrated turret according to the ballistic of the rifle.

    The position indicator can be placed at any position on the turret according to the ballistic coefficient. An unique advantage: it is also possible to use an interchangeable bullet-compensating turret cap which matches the modified ballistic of the rifle.

    This is the case when using different types of ammunition, interchangeable barrels
    or shooting with nightvision or a silencer.

    New Single Turn II-Ballistic elevation turret.

    The position indicators can be individually adjusted to any distance, such as 100 to 600 m/yards. They can be moved on the outside of the turret and fixed at any position. The quantity of position indicators used can be freely selected.

    Additional position indicators can be purchased at any time.

    (via Finnaccuracy)

    A Mode Lever locks or unlocks the turret. A visual indicator below the turret indicates the ‘locked’ position with the color red and the ‘unlocked’ position with the color green.

    The ST II-B turret gives the user the fastest and most precise turret dialing solution and allows to stay on the target in any situation.

    You can find the original link to the Press Release here. Schmidt & Bender.

    Also, check out the amazing Schmidt & Bender 5-45×56 PM II High Power Scope with photos through the MSR2 reticle on various magnifications.

    Personally, I like the idea to be able to “click” to the right distance quickly without looking at a chart but I’m sure there might be drawbacks with this kind of solution. Perhaps if you’re shooting a lot of very long range targets and need to go into the second turn it might get confusing? But for shooting in the area between 0-1000 meters/yards it should be a quick way to get your ballistics correct.

    What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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