POTD: Polish UKM-2000 (PKM) in 7.62×51 NATO on Full-Auto

    POTD – Photo Of The Day and we’re looking at a Polish Soldier with a PK Machine Gun on full-auto.

    Introduced in 1961 the PKM is a 7.62×54mmR General-Purpose Machine Gun. However, since this is a Polish version, their PK/PKSs were modified to feed the standard NATO ammo belts and re-chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridges.

    Based on the PKM, the Polish Army adopted the UKM-2000 Machine Gun. There is an old TFB article on the case, from 2012, which you can find here: Polish Modernised UKM-2013 Machine Gun.

    Today, the 4th mechanized company carried out the fire control of the mechanized platoon in defense during the day at PCT Wierzbina.

    The main emphasis during the classes was put on checking the training of commanders in setting tasks and issuing commands, and responding to the situation in the foreground.




    Another company that carried out work to convert the old PKM was the company H. Cegielski in Poznań (Poland), and the code name for their creation was PKM-NATO. However, their version was rejected.

    All pictures from 15 Giżycka Brygada Zmechanizowana.