Concealed Carry Corner: Five Important Things to Carry Daily

    When thinking about carrying a concealed firearm, it’s easy to focus on one specific item rather than the overall big picture. It’s important to look at different aspects as a bigger picture rather than only worrying about just what knife you carry or what type of gun is best for you any given day. There’s a number of things everyone should at least consider carrying when they leave their house with a firearm. Now everyone may have different opinions on the matter, and that’s totally fine but just keep in mind this can be a flexible list depending on your preferences and needs for daily carry. Let’s dive into some of the most important things you can carry when concealing a firearm.

    1. Your Gun

    The best defense is the ability to actually defend yourself. Probably the most crucial piece of gear to have in a self-defense situation is your actual gun. This is probably the easiest to explain because the value of having a firearm in a self-defense situation is priceless. Having a firearm is an equalizer for people who may be at a disadvantage. Whether it’s a smaller framed woman or someone in their elderly years, it gives the individual carrying a firearm a fighting chance where they may not have that same chance otherwise. This being The Firearm Blog, it honestly shouldn’t surprise you that a gun is number 1, but let’s continue down the list.

    2. A Solid Folding/Auto Knife

    Having a reliable knife isn’t just a secondary weapon in case your gun goes down, but it’s a great tool to use in a practical way. Being able to cut open boxes and packaging, in general, makes life easier and lets you have more time doing the things you enjoy. For example, watching James in booty shorts talking about guns. There are great knives out there for all price ranges as well, so don’t feel like you absolutely need to spend a fortune on a high-end knife to have it be useful.

    I have beaten a number of Kershaw blades to death and they are some amazing knives for little to no money. Whether its a Kershaw or cheap Smith & Wesson knife,  there are always options available to everyone. In bad situations, it helps to have some sort of weapon available to you to inflict any level of damage to either get away or get to your weapon. It’s never bad to have options and having a knife is not only a backup plan for someone, but can be used for daily tasks as well.

    3. A Cell Phone

    In today’s society, its kind of hard not to have a cell phone on you, but I’m sure some of our older readers either have old school flip phones or don’t carry a phone out at all. Having a cell phone gives an individual that much more power to call the police or even take photos that may help the authorities down the road. As many of you know, I am a special education teacher and just last week I saw someone selling drugs across the street from the school I work at.

    I ended up walking across the parking lot where my truck was parked and took photos of the guy’s license plate. The local police department ended up running the plates and he had a warrant out for his arrest. They found a significant amount of heroin in his possession and without my cell phone, there’s no way police would have been able to catch him.

    4. A Spare Magazine For Your Gun

    Just like James does on his Top 5 lists, my number 4 choice is probably the most controversial. Typically, the younger generation of concealed carriers carry a spare magazine either on their belt or in their pocket. The way I look at it is the old idea of having it and not needing it rather than needing it and not having a spare magazine. It’s important to have a backup plan if your magazine ever fails at a critical point. it’s not about carrying as much as possible but carrying enough to be proficient in protecting yourself from threats out in society.

    5. A Handheld Flashlight

    Just like the utility knife, having a handheld flashlight not only lets you identify people and items much easier in low or no light times, but is a safer option than a weapon light. I have met a number of people who argue if they carry a weapon light on their gun, there’s no need to carry another handheld light. They say there’s no need for two lights but if you carry a weapon light, that’s exactly why there should be a secondary light not attached to something that can kill you.

    A weapon light earns its name from being constantly attached to your handgun. It’s attached to your gun and wherever you point the light, you also point at with your handgun. Randomly flagging people isn’t a great idea when there’s a need for light but not deadly force. Having a separate light to use in a non-threatening situation is a much safer option and way easier than trying to figure something out in complete darkness or resorting to a weapon-mounted light.

    Overall Thoughts

    Depending on the person, this list may change and that’s alright. It’s important to make a list of 3-5 things that are essential for daily use and carry them every single day. Consistency is the most important aspect of carrying a concealed gun because there’s not much use for a carry gun if its always left at home. These are typically the five things I always carry, but I’d love to hear what you prefer to carry in the comments below. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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