Sako S20 – The Rifle That Is You

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    The Rifle That Is You – that’s the slogan of the new Sako S20 bolt action rifle. This rifle has a pretty interesting modular stock construction which is a hybrid between a traditional stock and chassis. The core of the stock is the two-piece takedown aluminum chassis with the composite buttstock, grip and forearm attached to it. The ability to detach these main stock components allows configuring the rifle for hunting or target shooting applications. Let’s take a closer look at the main features of the new Sako S20 rifle.

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    Sako S20 rifle with hunting stock.

    Sako S20 - The Rifle That Is You (2)

    Sako S20 rifle with precision stock.


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    The aluminum chassis is the skeleton of the rifle with all other components being attached to it. The chassis also carries all the recoil related stresses because the buttplate/recoil pad is also directly attached to it. The stiffness and rigidity of the aluminum chassis provide consistent accuracy. The exposed portions of the chassis (areas around the receiver) have a black non-reflective anodized finish. The weight of the S20 rifle depending on the caliber is 7.2 – 7.4 lbs.

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    Sako Precision Solution

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    Sako Precision Solution is the combination of features that together are responsible for the rifle’s accuracy. These features include the top Picatinny rail that is one piece with the steel receiver, the three-point attachment of the receiver to chassis, V-bedding system with the receiver contacting the chassis along its full length, and stainless steel bolt. The company claims sub-MOA accuracy for this rifle.



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    As mentioned above, there are two stock options for the Sako S20 rifle: hunting and precision shooting. The tactical/precision stock features an adjustable height and angle of the recoil pad, M-LOK slots at the very end of the forearm as well as at the rear bottom portion of the stock. The hunting stock has a thumbhole design. Both stock options come with ambidextrous QD sling swivel sockets on the forearm and buttstock, and quick-adjustable cheekpieces. The material on the grip is made of a polymer that has a feel of leather. The length of pull of both stocks can be adjusted via spacers.

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    5 Sako S20 - The Rifle That Is You - barrel

    Sako S20 rifles are equipped with match grade cold hammer forged barrels. Each barrel is hand inspected to ensure the straightness and smoothness of the bore. The front portion of the barrels is fluted, the muzzles are threaded with the 5/8×24 thread pitch and come with a thread protector. The barrel lengths are 20″ or 24″. Both the hunting and precision shooting versions are available in the following caliber options: .243 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and .300 Winchester Magnum.



    6 Sako S20 - The Rifle That Is You - magazine (2)

    The Sako S20 rifle is fed from double-stack detachable box magazines made of a glass-reinforced polymer. The company calls their magazines Cartridge+ because they allow loading cartridges with longer overall length compared to the standard ones. This will be a useful feature for the reloaders allowing to have a custom OAL and larger selection of bullets without a need to single load the gun. The cartridges in the magazine are additionally retained on their shoulders which does not allow them to jump forward and damage or set back the bullets upon recoil. The rifles come with 5 round (3 round for the magnum calibers) magazines with a 10 rounder (7 rounds for magnums) available separately.



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    The trigger pull weight (2-4 lbs), as well as the position of the trigger shoe of Sako S20 rifles, are adjustable. The safety blocks the firing pin and makes the rifle drop safe. The customers can choose from single or two-stage trigger options.



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    The S20 rifles also have a number of factory accessories available separately. These accessories include an adjustable and folding monopod, scope mount, barricade stop, thumb rest attached behind the rear tang of the receiver, 5mm LOP spacers (the rifle ships with two spacers), the above-mentioned larger capacity magazine, and muzzle brakes.

    As of now, EuroOptic is one of the retailers that has the Sako S20 rifles available for preorder. The S20 rifles with hunter stocks are listed on their website at $1,598 and the rifles with precision stocks cost $100 more – $1,698. The prices are identical for all the caliber options.

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