POTD: Understanding EOTech’s 68 MOA Ring Reticle

    In today’s photo, we’re combining great photos with some education about how to use EOTech’s 68 MOA ring EXPS 2-2 reticle.

    The source is Dr. Amanda “Mew” Marza, used with permission.

    Double tap to fire!

    Few things are better than the infamous EOTech 68 MOA ring reticle.  Seriously, it is SO useful..

    Middle Dot: 50 yards AND 200 yards for 5.56

    Second Dot: 500 yards (or closer to 350 if you’re using a short barrel).

    100 yards is a little bit in between center and 2nd dot.

    Bottom of the ring: 7 yards

    In the real world if I’m aiming fast and up close I put the top dot on top of target and second dot lower on target.

    The whole ring can also represent a shotgun pattern, or you can get one specifically designed for 300 Blackout.

    This is the EXPS 2-2, which means two center dots.

    EXPS 2-0 is just one center dot with the ring.

    Do not buy the EXPS 2-4, that has 4 center dots and who is using an Eotech out to 600 yards??

    EXPS 2-2 or 3-2 is the one to get (3-2 meaning night vision compatible).

    I like the EXPS more than the XPS bc I like the QD levers, but if you don’t like it then you can save some money with the XPS.

    I HIGHLY recommend pairing it with their G33 magnifier.

    Below you can find her Instagram Channel:

    You can find EOTech’s homepage here: https://www.eotechinc.com/holographic-weapon-sights

    What do you think? Do you like the ring and how do you use it? Many of my friends use it for shotguns, but I went for a similar reticle (think the EU flag with the 12 stars) in a Shield sight to copy the shotgun pattern.

    I’d love to try EOTech’s green reticle on one of my carbines.

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